Thursday, March 22, 2012

Potato Footballs, Beef and Oscars

Oscars night.  Basically, it's a super fancy evening where you dress up, have yummy food, and enjoy movies that FHE groups filmed to compete against each other for the Oscar awards.  It's a pretty good idea, and our ward did an AWESOME job! Kudos to all who helped - it was jolly :)

The reason this is relevant at all, is because I had a chance to talk to a guy in my ward who actually served in Vilnius, Lithuania!! It was so exciting to have a chance to talk to someone face-to-face, and it made the idea of leaving a little more real.  While we were talking, he started explaining a traditional Lithuanian food to me - Cepelinai (sep-uh-LEEN-ee).  I'm certain you are burning with curiosity to hear of these Lithuania veggies, so I will gladly explain (what I understand to be) the process.

First, you take a potato.  Then you smash it against a cheese grater for about 3.56 minutes until you end up with a good ol' pile of tater dandruff. Then, you stick that tater goodness inside a pantyhose (who knew tights had a culinary side?) and squish the daylight/starch out of that thing.  After it's completely de-starchified, you take some ground beef/spices/goodness, and form the potato mush in a football shape around the meat.  After cooking, topping it with cheese and MORE delicious spices, you've got yourself an authentic Lithuanian Cepelinai!!

I know, right?

Anyway, enough about that. Even I know that once can only talk about pantyhose and Lithuanian vegetables for so long.

Overall, fun Oscars night :)

Don't I have such joys for roommates?

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  1. Cepelinai (sep-uh-LEEN-ee) are so good! How fun that someone in your ward served there. He'll probably have better advice than I will, since (I presume) he's been there more recently than I have.