Saturday, April 28, 2012

The beginnings of Vilnius

Since my body has been so thrown off from all the time zone changes, I’m honestly not even sure what day it is anymore.  I’m thinking Saturday… maybe.  I suppose I’ll have to figure it out today, so we can know if we’re going to church tomorrow or not.  On that note, I’m actually super excited for church here! We’re going to head to the Lithuanian ward, where there are apparently more younger people.  Dima’s going to be in that ward, so it’ll be nice to see a friendly and familiar face there.  They will be speaking Lithuanian though, so apparently the missionaries always sit by us and translate when they’ll be saying.  I’m excited to head to church tomorrow and experience it firsthand :)
The rest of the girls actually went exploring in the city today, but I decided to stay home.  I’ve been pretty sick since we got here, and wok up feeling 100% awful this morning.  My throat just hurts, and I ache all over.  I’m sure it’s just a cold, and I’m hoping it’ll pass me by quickly;  I’ve got quite a bit planned for myself over the next few days, and won’t have much luck if my body decides it’s not going to cooperate. Maybe I should just follow my Mom’s example – decide this cold and I are on a schedule, and it’s only allowed to stay until 10am tomorrow! Then it’s out the door, fella! (then again, just because she always decides her sicknesses are on a schedule doesn’t mean that they follow itJ)
 Anyway, it’s another beautiful day in Vilnius.  Above 80 degress, and still the Lithuania people walk around wearing coats.  I'm guessing it's because they've lived here long enough to know that the weather can change in 2 min - makes me hope I'm not missing anything :) 

I don't have any pictures to add yet - I'm get some of Vilnius tomorrow once we head in to church!  

On the plus side, I've managed to pick up a tad bit of Russian/Lithuanian so far - "ačiū" which means "thank you" in Lithuanian... I think. It's hard to keep track of what phrases are Lithuanian, and what are Russian :)


  1. I think "aciu" and "taip" (said like tape, means "yes") are the only two words I remember. I'm sorry you're sick! I hope it passes quickly and you can get on with things!

  2. Super glad to hear you made it safe!! Those pics from Ireland were gorgeous. Excited to hear about church and your Russian lessons :) Get feelin better soon!!