Monday, April 23, 2012

Bitter sweetness of last days home

Sorry for the lapse of updates in my life!! Between finals, packing and finally making it home, it's been a crazy couple of weeks.  I finished up my finals for BYU on Wednesday morning, pulled an all nighter packing all my nonsense, then left to drive down home at 6am with some friends from Spokane.  After some seriously windy roads and close car sickness calls, I finally got home around 4pm - wahoo!! 

Since I've made it home, I've tried to balance everything between packing and gathering supplies for Lithuania while spending time with the kids/cousins.  It's been a wonderful couple of days!  My little brother's birthday was on Saturday (he's 12!!), so we had his birthday dinner on Sunday.  Since the chap just so happens to be a bottomless pit, he requested a 6 course meal, complete with steak (yes, I ate steak), rolls, grilled veggies, fruit salad, potato salad, grape/apple juice, and apple crisp.  Basically, I was full just after looking at my plate. 

I've been working alot on getting ready to go Lithuania - all sorts of packing, laundrying, re-packing, gathering crafts, and many other verbs that end in -ing.  It's been great though :)  Last night, Karis, Jaylee and I gathered some blankets so we could lay outside on our lawn and enjoy the sunset/stars coming out.  All was peaceful in my world until Jameson discovered where we vulnerably lay, and started showering water upon our lovely little heads from the deck.  We quickly grabbed a giant beach umbrella that was laying on the lawn, took refuge behind it's neon geen self, and took up our defenses.  1 hour, 8 soaked blankets, and a garden hose later, we emerged victorious :) 

As a topper, we all went to Spokane County Park for a picnic today!! Mom and I made some homemade Tatzhiki (yum!) with Pitas and hummas :) Yummy, yummy day!
We found a MOOSE at the County Park!

Oh, how I love my Liberty Lake :)

Karis, Jameson and Mom

Karis and I

 Overall, it's been a wonderful couple of days :)  Odd to think that in a matter of 36 hours, I'll be landing in SLC, waiting to board a plane for Lithuania.  Still a little surreal - okay, a LOT surreal - but the excitement is growing!!  I'm excited to be off, and I'll keep you all posted!

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