Monday, April 30, 2012

The (hypothetical) first day!

In theory, I was supposed to start teaching today.

In reality, I was on Russian medication and conked out in bed.

Truthfully, I think I prefer the reality - at least I got some sleep, and am feeling much better!!! Good news is, the rest of the girls had a wonderful experience for their first days at school, and we're all heading in tomorrow afternoon to teach our first full day of class!! Should be great, and I'll add pictures of the preschool we teach at tomorrow :)

There is one other thing I need to add - the saga of the glorious kindergarten cooks.  So, while we're here teaching, the food is being provided through the cooks at the kindergarten school, right across the street from our preschool. Though I knew this tidbit before, I didn't really understand what it entailed.  I definitely wasn't expecting what we were given - Dima picked us up this morning and led us our there to help us figure out the routine.  We walked through the halls in the kitchen to find an adorable table set up in the corner, complete with tablecloth and dishes set out for us.  The sweet kitchen ladies would prepare this cute table for us for every meal, and provide us with the yummiest stuff!! We had Kasha (a sort of grain mash.. not sure what to compare it to? Kind of like cooked rice I supposed? Eh, a mixture between oatmeal and cooked rice. I thought it was pretty good, but in the words of Bailey, "it tastes healthy!"), and bread with cheese and butter.  For lunch, we had an AMAZING broth soup with sausage and potato, and a Lithuanian version of crepes for dinner.  Overall, they are amazingly sweet woman, and are very kind to treat the ILP teachers so well and feed us delicious goodness :)

I wish I knew how to speak to them so I could say a real thank you!! All I can manage at the moment is "ačiū" (pronounced ah-choo... I know, right?) which is a simple thank you.  The women here are so kind :)


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  2. i hope you get feeling better soon!