Friday, May 11, 2012

Adventuring in AkropolisView

The day started off wonderfully with a FaceTime talk with this fancy lady –
Miss Riss. 
 Ain’t she great?  After discussing everything from German washing machines to rap music with Carissa for a lengthy (yet not long enough) amount of time, I ventured forth with Bailey and Janese to start our Akropolis adventure.
The freshly turned 20  year old :)

Janese, trying to hold in her excitment for the Lithuanian public transport system. (which, by the way, has a rule against shooting blow darts at peoples heads. So don't consider it)

Bailey and I.  (yes, my head is cut off.  Just pretend it's on purpose and therefore artsy :)

Akropolis is a direct translations from Lithuanian, meaning “an-indecently-large-and-shockingly-expensive-European-mall”. Or at least something like that.  We were heading into this dangerous and expensive territory with one goal –
For clarification, no our goal wasn't to smooch men.  It was to watch a certain red headed lady smooch a man whilst balancing on the Titanic guardrail. 
 You see, Bailey’s kind of got a thing for Leonardo DiCapro.  And Kate Winslet. And sinking fancy ships. The combination of all these things into one insanely long film (which also happens to be 3D) with Celine Dion sprinkled on top was just too much goodness to stay away from, especially when we’re celebrating her birthday.  So, after conquering the Lithuanian movie theater website, off to Akropolis we went! 
A view of Lithuania from the overpass after we got off the bus
There's a story behind this unfinished stadium - back when Lithuania was under Soviet rule, the Soviet's started building this stadium, but stopped once the Lithuanians gained their freedom back.  After that, the Lithuanian government tried to finish the stadium but ran out of money halfway through. So, there's just this random unfinished stadium, plopped by the freeway.
I took this picture to try and show how many dandelions grow here - can you see that patch of grass in the right side of the picture? The one that's supposed to be green, but actually looks yellow? Yep.
Now.  Let me tell you something about the Akropolis. I’ve never seen such a giant conglomerate of stores in my life.  Nor such a collection of attractive people. Europeans really are fancy dancy folk.
A picture showing about a 1/3 of the Akropolis complex - it extends far past the picture.
I seriously wish I could explain exactly how huge this mall is!
We finally made it alive to the Forum Cinemas portion of the mall, only to discover that we had somehow read the times wrong or misunderstood something, because Titanic (in 3D!) sure wasn’t playing any time soon. However, the days wasn’t a loss!! We ended up getting something to eat at one of the restaurants, and exploring this foreign (and expensive) European world, complete with ice rinks, a Maximma XXX (about the size of a Walmart, housed in the mall), a movie theater, and all sorts of stores.
This is one of the restaurants in the Akropolis food court.  Yes, that is a Japanese garden in the middle.  With an ice rink to the right.
Another food court restaurant.  With greek colloseum pillars.  Gotta love fancy dancy Europeans.
Bailey and Janese while we wait for our Chinese food.
Bailey ordered the sushi, and I tried some today! Carissa you'd be proud.  I even liked it :)
There was a section at one of the entrances that was fenced off while a man painted a portrait of two charging reindeer on the floor. We don't know why.
Yep. There's a windmill in the mall as well.  Are you even surprised anymore? 
 European styles are actually pretty interesting – lots of Aladdin looking pants, size 00 women, blazers, and tights.  It was pretty fun to look around at the different shops, and get a taste for the European clothes.  I’ll admit, we probably did more people watching than clothes shopping, which was arguably more educational :)

After we had our fill of Chinese food and teensy European women, we headed back to the apartment to prep for classes and head to the school to teach for the day.  Classes went great – the kids and I made simple lava lamps out of water bottles, oil, glitter and salt. The kids loved it!  Little Z was getting so dang excited, I thought he might burst a blood vessel. 

By the time we got out of class, we were greeted with rainfall and dark clouds.  Might sound gloomy, but we actually loved it!!  Bailey made us all some divine Hot Chocolate (literally – I was almost translated drinking it), Areil passed out on the table (she’s deathly ill. Well, kind of.  Minus the deathly part), and Janese dragged Bailey outside in the rain to take pictures for her blog. 

Overall, great day. Rain included. :)


  1. It startled me to pull up your blog and see a giant picture of my face. haha. Is that the one from your ipod? One of the few pictures that has ever been taken while we were within five feet of each other? ;)

    So I was showing off pictures and hilarious quotes from your blog at work, and my now coworker is interested to know exactly how you came to find out that the Lithuanian transport system has a rule against shooting blow darts at people's heads. Spill the beans, girl!

    You ate sushi?! Dude!! I really am proud of you. Sewiously. That's so awesome. What kind was it?

    Looks like you guys had an awesome adventure today -- Akropolis looks sweet. Plus, it's gotta be a badge of honor all on its own that Z was way into the activity :) Glad you had a fun day!

  2. I remember Akropolis! It was pretty new when I was there. The windmill, (if I remember correctly), is a restaurant called "Lido". You've gotta try eating there! Seriously one of my favorite places to eat in the Baltics.

    I love how you talked about the fashions, too. That was one thing I loved over there! I especially loved the woman's baby-doll t-shirt that I saw with a baseball on the front and the word, "TOUCHDOWN!" arched over it. :) True story.