Thursday, May 3, 2012

Apparently, all memory cells disappear after 11pm

Today  may or may not have eventful.

I do not say this be coy, but rather because I simply can't remember what I've done with my life for the past few hours. The only thing consuming my thoughts right now are Jenny Philips and dish soap.  Dish soap, because I've spent the last 2 hours scrubbing down every inch of our kitchen I could reach and dish soap was the only form of cleaning solution we had.  Jenny Phillips, because I switched to listening to her for the last hour of doing it :).

I do remember teaching today, and that went well!! It's getting alot easier once we can figure out the little quirks and characteristics of each one of the kids.  For example, little T likes it when she can sit by the teacher, otherwise she gets sulky and won't talk.  I'm excited for the chance to really get to know each one of these precious kids :)

The only other memory I can vaguely recall are the delicious Russian pancakes we had for dinner tonight!! I can't remember what they're called, and would ask Areil.. but everyone else has been asleep for a while now.  Ah well.  Just know they were Russian, they had deliciousness in them, and they were shaped like pancakes. Mm.

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  1. I totally tried to post a comment earlier, but I had some operator error difficulties... :)

    BLINI! That's what Russian pancakes are called. I'm glad you had good ones--because there's quite a range of preparations. :)

    Sounds like you may still be dealing with a bit of jet lag, (on top of the cold recovery). I was jet lagged for about 2-3 weeks when I went over. I remember being wide awake in the middle of the night and looking out my apartment window into the alley behind our building. Looking out at the dark foreign world creeped me out a little and I wondered what I had gotten myself into. LOL (That was in Riga.)

    Also, I fell asleep in the middle of a meeting with an inactive family. They laughed at me and handed me a stuffed animal to sleep on. Since my 2 companions were doing just fine with the meeting, I slept. And, after that, I remember feeling a lot more awake and more mentally present.

    Sounds like things are going well there! Oh--and just FYI--even if I don't comment on each post, know that I read EACH ONE. I'm loving that you're in Lithuania!