Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cathedrals, Crypts and Childrens

It seems all my days have started off sleeping in! What is becoming of me and my once energetic body?! Then again, chilling with an army of 40 children all day probably steals a couple of years from your life.  Maybe that’s why I’m so tired.

Anyway, after rousing from my slumber, we all headed up to breakfast for our daily visit to our glorious 
kindergarten cooks.  We ate pretty fast then headed back to the apartment for our stroll (aka bus ride) into Vilnius city! We had an English speaking tour scheduled for the crypts in the Lithuanian Cathedral. Sounds creepy, eh? Well, they were. 

However, they were also informative, historic and fascinating.  Or least I'm told.  It was hard to concentrate on anything besides the smells of old, death, and body odor drifting around you whilst you wander around bones.  I was actually grateful to still be fairly sick and plugged up. 

On the plus side, they did have pretty interesting architecture :) 

Some of the original burial sites
While walking through the tour, we would pass random burial sites with coins tossed in - when I asked the guide if it was for luck or something, she just shrugged and said, "apparently, Lithuanians like to waste their money".  I guess she doesn't put much stock in superstition.
These ceilings were my favorite - arches and high ceilings everywhere!
The arched walls in one of the fancier (and better smelling) crypts
These arches were nifty - if you faced one of the columns and whispered, the arched ceilings allowed someone to hear you from cross the tiles if they listened at another column. 
A fancy coffin. Which we were informed didn't even contain anything.  We just pretended.
After we resurfaced and joined the living, I found that I rather enjoyed the topside of the Cathedral much more than the dead part :)
The outside of the Lithuanian cathedral - beautiful!
One of the many prayer rooms in the Cathedral
Once again, apparently Lithuanians enjoy wasting their money :) This pile of coins was thrown into a random grate on the floor of the Cathedral.
The front of the Catholic Cathedral
 After we finished the tour, half of our crew headed back to the buses while Elise I and explored the city just  a tad bit more!
Some of the streets in New Town of Lithuania
Even Lithuania has frozen yogurt stores! And all this time, I thought it was just Utah :)
Part of the street before heading to Lithuanian Cathedral
Some of the older themed buildings
The beautiful belfry tower outside the Cathedral - probably one of my favorite buildings. New goal - to find some sort of  a way to see from the top. Legally.
These antique looking clocks are randomly stationed around Vilnius
 Eventually, we all headed back to the apartment for lunch, meetings, and preparing to teach the kids for that day.

We only had a couple of kids again today, which was helpful.  I discovered that it's fairly exhausting to keep kids sitting in their chairs, engaged, and speaking English when they have an avid fascination with their neighbors ear.  Not certain why this was such a problem for little D, but he was struggling today :)

After we finished teaching, Abi, Elise and I made a trip to Maxxima, the grocery store (similar to Albertsons) that's down the street from us. I grabbed Bailey some of the Russian medication I've been enjoying so, because my germs apparently like her.  Sorry, Bailey.

The day was finished off with a bang when Elise morphed into Jillian Michael (aka - this terrifying woman) and made Janese join her in her abs.  It was pretty hilarious to watch, and I learned a few things:
1) Elise really can yell pretty loud. And be fairly terrifying for someone so small.
2) Janese is the best sport ever. And is seriously good at abs.
3) Laughing while doing abs makes everything 10x harder. Or so I was told (yelled) :)
4) My roommates are buff, and I should probably start working out. Sigh.

All in all, awesome day :)


  1. We all have our summer goals :)

  2. HAHAHA this MADE ME LAUGH! (but you are sleeping right now so I'm trying to be quiet) I was only yelling because it hurt when she made me laugh while doing abs and it's important to have a steady breathing pattern. In turn, I ended up talking when I was breathing out so it ended up being in short bursts of loud talking... lol