Monday, May 28, 2012

Day two of Tallinn

Since we had worn ourselves out so successfully the day before, we all ended up sleeping in a bit and didn't rouse our weary selves until about 10am.  After I had salvaged my hair as much as possible, we ventured back into the city!  First stop? The extended edition of the Town Wall - complete with exploration.
Slightly dark picture of me on the top of the town wall
All the girls, strutting their tower-touring stuff
Side of the tower, skillfully taken whilst I leaned dangerously over the railing
Me in one of the stone tower windows
Imagine the medieval prom pictures on this staircase. Oh. The possibilities are endless. 

Bailey, Janese, Elise and I doing our fancy medieval princess poses.  Carissa, please take note of the height on those hands. My fanciness is palpable.

Bailey just looked so precious, I deemed it worthy of photo documentation.
Though this wasn't necessarily precious, it was definitely documentation worthy.  This is Janese artfully dripping her spit off the tower wall onto the people below us.  Talented, I know.
Bailey and Janese

The slightly-scary-but-mostly-mind-boggling staircase up to one of the towers on the wall.  It's actually slopped super steep upwards, but is kind of having an optical-illusion-identity-crisis moment and looks like it's going down.. weird.
The view of Tallinn old town from the top of the tower window
Areil being her quirky self we love.  While Janese looks on angrily.

Another slightly terrifying staircase.
After we satisfied our tower exploration needs, we decided to get some lunch at Kompressor!!! Amanda, every good thing you've told me about this place wasn't nearly enough to describe the joys I experienced as I ate that smoked chicken and feta glory.  Oh my gracious.  After eating, we wandered somemore.
A design at the flower festival we passed in one of the parks.  Carissa, the combination of floral design and the triforce was too much to resist documenting (okay.. kind of like the triforce)
One of my favorite floral displays at the flower festival
St. Olaf's church in Tallinn - the metal tower on this church marked it as the tallest building in the world at one point.  Consequently it also has serious issues with lightning... (HERE)
This really has no significance. It's just a cool door.  Which I suppose could be significant somehow.
We also explored a tiny art gallery, and I loved this picture!!  It's simple, but I love it :)
I love this picture too! And yes Mom, it's a mushroom :)
We finally made our way to Sweater Street!! It's a street by the wall that was overflowing with sweater vendors - and even in the 70 degree heat, the sweaters still were artsy, precious and appealing.
Amanda, you were so right. All these sweaters were super pretty!
Entrance to Tallinn old town
Flower market. Shortly after taking this picture, I knocked over one of the flower vases with my legs.  Sometimes, I can't control those things.
We closed up our day by finishing packing up everything and heading to the bus station to catch our ride to Riga, Latvia! 

**Fun note: while we were sitting on the bus, who else should get on as well but a couple we had creepily admired while eating in Kompressor!  Now, this couple was not only adorable and impressive for backpacking around Europe together, the girl also had an uncanny resemblance to the girl who played the Pink Power Ranger. And that's something worth appreciating. No wonder that attractive man loved her.

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  1. My heart is almost bursting out of my chest with love for that city! Seriously. I wasn't ever there during the summer, though, so it's fun to see pics when it's not covered in snow and/or ice. ;)

    SO glad you loved the Kompressor! We ate there many times. And, I've never been able to recreate the gloriousness that is the Kompressor. Although maybe when we're both in UT sometime, we should try...

    As for St. Olaf's church--when I was a missionary, they let us climb to the lookout area at the base of the steeple. Word had it that they would be closing that option soon, so we went. I can't remember if they closed it permanently or just for repairs for a few years. But, OH, the thousands of steep stone stairs! (How's that for some alliteration, huh?) Amazingly beautiful view, though.

    I'll just point this out--my FAVORITE feature of Tallinn's old town is how it's built on a hill. You can just imagine the people thousands of years ago deciding to build there for security purposes. The history of that one small country is staggering. (Speaking of, I have a video called "The Singing Revolution" that you would probably now appreciate.) I was always floored how some of the buildings in those places are older than the country I live in. It always made me think that the people who lived in those old, old countries probably look at America as the inexperienced youth of the world. LOL