Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Fishing" in the rainstorms

And still... the rain continues.  Phooey.  I know Mom, you totally tried to convince me to bring a coat.  Reason #257 why I should always listen to my mother :) 

The day began with yet another process of layering every jacket and sweater I own! I think today's total was 5 layers.  Plus, I finally broke down and bought a cheap umbrella from Maximma, and that significant helped address the whole "poofy hair" problem :) 

This morning was also another Russian lesson with Dima, which was great!  It's frustrating, because I'm starting to be able to really read and pronounce the words, but they mean nothing to me yet!! And I can't seem to drill the word meanings enough to really get them to stick.  Granted, I'd probably have more luck if I spent more time studying and less time blogging/exploring, but oh well.  I compromised and starting bringing my Russian notes with me so I could study on the bus.

Teaching today was great! We finished our "fishing pole" activity, and had fun "fishing" for paper fish with pipecleaner loops stapled to the top:
Sofia, the daughter of Dima (our area coordinator/Russian father)
Artur (who is madly in love with Sofia, by the way.  They walk through the halls holding hands, and he pouts for the whole lesson if he can't sit by her.  It's precious.  And kind of weird. But mostly precious.)
Z, so proud of his paper fish
The whole younger morning class (well, those that braved the rain and made it to class at least :)  From left - Sofia, Yulia, Artur, and Z)
This was in accordance with their request of "silly picture, teacher! Silly picture!" Z just looks bewildered, and of course Artur is squishing Sofia.
Some of the younger afternoon class (Polina, Vitalia, and Gerde)
Karis, I'm only sticking this picture on here for you.  Super adorable little skater boy, right? You'd love him.
This is a video of the kids during opening this morning, singing "5 little speckled frogs", a song that Areil taught us.  (Oh, and please take note of Z stubbornly refusing to engage in "the baby songs" and instead flying his token bag around like a rocket the whole time.  Man, that kids' got style.)


  1. Love the pics! Z cracks me up. haha. Hope you're not getting too soaked -- might have to repurpose some trash bags ;)

    1. Ha!! I didn't even think of the trash bags - that would significantly help, true :) And I'm glad you like the pictures! I'm trying to stick more pictures of the kids on here, because Karis keeps asking me questions about them (mainly because she's Karis, and therefore super precious and good with kids.) And yes. Z is crazy!