Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hurrah for suprise Lithuanian festivals!!

Started the day with ridiculous amounts of sleep, which is always a glorious thing :)  Janese and Areil were gone all day for a House Visit with one of the kids families, so Elise, Bailey and I didn't drag ourselves out of bed until an embarrassingly late hour of the morning.  However, I can justify the slumber since we've had a sick household lately :).

After getting up, showering and generally making ourselves look presentable, we all trucked out to the bus stop to head into Vilnius city for Old Town adventuring!!!  Originally, we had plans to simply meander around Old Town and enjoy the old-ness of it, but got off the bus to discover a Lithuanian festival going on! Granted, I've no idea what the festival was actually for, but it was quite enjoyable :)
Cute choir of Lithuanian kids singing for the dancers

Some of the Lithuanian folk dancers

All in all, I think there were about 20 kids (16 and under, I'd guess) performing the Lithuanian dances.  They did a great job!

Street view of the festival going on - they just barricaded the streets and let people meander

These precious girls were armed with these plastic strollers, and charged all over the square until their Dad manged to chase them down :)

The Gelato store!! Melon, Kiwi and Strawberry flavors! So yummy :)
These beautiful painting displays were randomly set up around the streets of Old Town - I talked to one of the woman who was selling the paintings, and she proudly informed me that her husband had painted these pictures.  It was sweet :)
Streets of Old Town
These booths are set up everywhere - selling bags, leather products, and AMBER!! Amber is everywhere in Lithuania
I took this picture, mainly for the cobblestone street shot :)  It's everywhere in Lithuania
One of the beautiful cathedral towers in Old Town
Lithuania's street version of a boy band - granted, there sounded terrible and were kind of raunchy, but they seemed to be having fun at least :)
This woman was one of my favorite parts of Old Town - I'm not sure what this instrument was, but it sounds BEAUTIFUL!! It's similar to a harp, and sounds lovely.
This man was my other favorite part of Old Town today - he was perched on random benches around the food booths and serenaded people with his accordion :)
When I went and dropped some coins into his cup, this cute man gave me a huge grin and yodeled me some Lithuanian something-or-anothers :)
Finished off my day spending my last litas buying tulips from these cute women :)
Couple of fun things about Lithuania:
1)  Tights. No matter the weather, outfit apparel or company, European woman will always deem it appropriate to wear tights :)  Short shorts and tights are especially a hit round here.
2)  Children ALWAYS wear hats!! If it's sunny? Plop a hat on your kid to protect them from sun.  If it's snowing? Hats are a sure fire protection to keep them warm.  Raining?  Hats.
3)  Gelato.  First off, crazy flavors. Second off, obscenely delicious.

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