Monday, May 14, 2012

Knick knacks

Hillary's list of accomplishments for the day:
1)  Successfully recharged my electric toothbrush
2)  Skyped with Mom and Dad (twice in one day!Well. Kind of)
3)  Bought a mini blow dryer from Maximma for $8!
4)  Avoiding succumbing to the lure of European chocolate (oh Milka, how I adore thee)
5)  Conquered the ATM
6)  Discussed the merits of water with 6 year olds for 20 minutes straight.  4 times.  (I'm getting pretty good at stretching out these English lessons :)
7)  Memorized the Russian alphabet.  For the third time.  (I keep forgetting...)
8)  Finished the book of Alma (A chapter in the LDS scripture, the Book of Mormon - info about it HERE)
9)  Researched scholarships some more (hurray for Italian restaurants funding college kids!)
10)  Successfully managed to cut and pre-fold 40 pieces of construction paper for 6 year olds to make paper boats.
11)  Bought strawberries from a cute old Russian lady in the parking lot of Maximma.
12)  Quickly consumed half of said strawberries after discovering the joys of European fruit (Oh, baby. It's so good here!) 
13)  Survived Bailey and Janese's stuffed animal hostage war
14)  Watched Janese stuffed a dead flower stem up her nose.
15)  Sang along with my pal Jack Johnson whilst folding 40 paper boats
16)  Watched in amazement as Bailey consumed a handful of straight pepper.
17)  Ate granola whilst Bailey serenaded me on her ukelele.

Modge-podge of memories
 1)  The one time in my 3 weeks here that the toilet flushed on the first try (twas' a happy day in the ILP household)
2)  The time the washing machine started draining orange water into the bathtub while I was showering.
3)  Passing the same lilac bush on the way to Kindergarten meals, and thinking of my Mom every time :)
4)  Observing the brotherhood of bus drivers
5)  Changing my YW's ring to my left ring finger - apparently, having it on your right hand here means you're married! Which I am not, in case no one was aware.
6)  Watching a sweet grandpa play pass with his grandson in front of the school, and have to use a cane to hobble after the ball when his grandson kicked it too far :)
7)  The one woman who said "labbas rytas" (good morning) to me FIRST while I was walking on the sidewalk.  I was so startled, I nearly tripped (Lithuanian's apparently frown upon acknowledging other's existence)
8)  Sammy, the snail whom we befriended on our way to Maximma. This friendship was short lived since Janese booted it across the sidewalk on the way back.
9)  The black light bathrooms in the Akropolis Mall - we're not entirely sure why.
10)  Giving my bus seat to an older woman, and having another older woman sitting behind me smile and touch my hand. First time a Lithuanian stranger has thanked me, even though no words were said :)
11)  The HUGE bee that tried to kill us while we were waiting at the bus stop on Sunday. And by "tried to kill us", I mean that it flew within a 8 foot vicinity, and nearly succeeded in giving us all heart attacks. 


  1. I have to say that Lithuanians (in general) are the warmest people in the Baltics. As the weather continues to warm up, you'll keep finding those kind, happy, warm people. It's kind of funny how that works. Just thinking about them makes my heart happy (and sad that I can't be there with them). One bob gave me her earrings after I complimented them while sitting next to her on the bus. I declined, but she INSISTED, explaining that her dr. said she shouldn't be wearing them anyway. Once they see that you're not there to judge, but to appreciate and enjoy the culture, they open up a lot. Especially if you try (even just a little) to speak their language.

    And the black lights in the bathrooms...that makes me laugh. It reminds me of the night that the "discotech" came to us. We were in our apartment in the city center and were getting ready for bed. We could hear a beat, but didn't know where it was coming from. We said our prayers and went to bed. When we realized the beat was getting louder and we could actually hear the music that went with it, we went out to look. We saw a flat-bed semi-truck with a DJ, dancing people, and disco-style lights on it, followed by a LONG line of cars, driving through the streets of Center. We were amazed by the spectacle and stood on our Romeo and Juliet style balcony watching it go by. We joked that since we were missionaries and couldn't go to the discotech, it came to us instead! It was SO Baltic to us! LOL

    1. Discotech?! That's amazing!! We haven't had anything that exciting yet, but give it time! We've only been here about 3 weeks, and I'm sure the party hearty Lithuanians will come out of hibernation soon enough :)