Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last day in Riga!

Since we were all pretty exhausted at this point, we took the last day in Riga pretty easy. We slept in for a while, then gathered our stuff with us and headed out to enjoy our last few hours in the city.
"Rolands Statue" in the Riga town square - he was a judge said to be just, and therefore had this statue put up titled "The Defender of the Accused".

After wandering a bit, we made it to our goal - the Latvian Museum of Occupations. Now, if you didn't already know, the poor Baltic States have gone through some serious heartache over the years as a result of being occupied by Germany and Soviet Russia.  Both times were cruel and devastating to the people, their culture, and their dignity.  As a result, I've never met a people so determined to preserve their culture and heritage as the Baltic people seem to be.  For example, as Dima has been recruiting for more people to join ILP, he has gotten the response "My child needs to learn Lithuanian first" many times, for people are determined to teach their children to remember. 
The inside of the museum.  It was sobering, but very good to see.

Janese at one of the many displays.
After getting our fill of the museum, we headed to the bus depot to catch our ride back to Vilnius!! It was a great bus ride, and I was very happy to get back to a familiar place :)  As we were driving back into the boundaries of the city, I couldn't help but notice how happy I was to see my dirty little Lithuanian city - this place is starting to feel more like a home.

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