Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Mystery of the Sinister Doorframes

Amidst the ILP teachers daily activities, there lies a secret and sinister pattern - that of the marked door frames...

Seriously though. I've no idea what these initials mean, but they seem to mark super random door frames of places we go.
The door frame of the apartment directly above ours

The inside of our front door (well, the first one. We have two front doors. Extra safety!!)

Lightly scratched into the door frame of a room directly by our table at the Kindergarten cafeteria.
Seriously weird. No idea what it means, but apparently I though it was interesting enough to blog about.

Besides mulling over uncovering the secret going-ons of Lithuanian door structures, I've accomplished quite a bit today!
1)  Submitted a second scholarship application
2)  Cleaned up the whole apartment
3)  Took pictures of the 4 year old's enjoying the fairy wings Areil dug out for them -
Kierra, happy as can be :)

Little Diamante, in her own little world. She goes there alot.
4)  Enjoyed smelling the freshly cut grass -
Seriously. You should have seen the grass before it was cut.  This huge pile probably accounts for about 12 square feet of grass cuttings. 
5)  Enjoyed all the decorations from the traditional last-day-of-school parties all the elementary schools were having -
6)  Skyped my MOM!! That was just great :)
7)  Prepped a fun lesson for the kids - we colored and made houses out of popsicle sticks! Seriously cute.
One of the houses the morning class made

Our little village of popsicle sticks!
8)  Hurried and finished this blog post so I can make a delicious chocolate and Nutella cake with the other teachers.  Sometimes, we need American food. And what's more American than a box of cake mix and Hazlenut sugar? :)
It's almost a crime how delicious this thing was.  Plus, we at it at 2am which probably made it even more so.


  1. The only thing that would be MORE American is to deep-fry the cookies. ;)

    I found some info on the K+M+B. (Thanks to a Bing search and Here's the scoop, (from

    "Previously I never told him about the symbol toilet in Poland that make confused (see Note: Play guess-puzzle in front of the TOILET). Well, now my entry is about the ' secret code ' which is written in chalk on the front door of the House a lot of Poland. The code it could be there all year long at the top of the home, but most will appear on January 6 tomorrow. Well, so what is it about on 6 January in Poland? And his code is like what the hell?

    If you come to Poland on January 6, 2012, will surely be many look words "20 K + M + B 12 ° in the doors of the House (or with a slightly different sequence: K + M + B 2012). At first glance it looks like a secret code right, but kok ya synchronously on a lot of doors. It turns on every January 6, the people of Poland celebrate Epiphany or three Kings Day (Święto Trzech Polandianya: Króli). This feast of what? I myself actually also just know about this feast after living in Poland.

    To the Christian religion, must know the story of the baby Jesus that's accessible by three kings wise men from the East. They came to welcome the Christ who came down to the world. Well, the event celebrates the Epiphany signifies the end of the Christmas period at the same time. So in this day, Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations start relegated. In Poland as well as in other European countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, or Hungary; Three Kings day is commonly called the epiphany carols and blessing of the House. Even in several places in Poland, there will be a parade of Magi en masse. For example, last year in Poznan, Ephiphany celebrated with festive parade of the three kings who ride horses and children were also in action by wearing colorful costumes as the Kings from the East while carrying a large star ornament as a symbol of the star of Bethlehem.

    The Bible recounts that when the 3 wise men came to Bethlehem King (the birth place of Jesus), they come bring mas, incense and myrrh. Epiphany traditions in Poland also involves these things. People will bring Poland, gold ring, lime scent (incense), and amber as a symbol of the sacrifice of the Magi to church to be blessed. Well, usually limestone which has been blessed that used to write down the code K + M + B on the doors in their homes. Not only in the outer door, but it can be in the know all the doors in their homes. And the writing could be allowed to continue to exist throughout the year or until removed by itself.

    Okay, but really what is the meaning of K + M + B? Well, that code is reportedly derived from the names of the Magi Kings 3 i.e. Kacper, Melchior and Baltazar. On the other hand, it also means "Christ" that prayer Accusative Benedicat from Latin which means "Christ bless this House". While the numbers that follow the Yes means that the year in question. So writing K + M + B means that the 2011 Epiphany 2011. If in Germany or the United Kingdom, becoming Borel C + M + B (from Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar) but that is exactly the same."

    Good news is that it was written by people of faith. Not so sinister anymore, huh? :D

  2. P.S. Sorry for the naughty words in the translation...and the awkward grammer. :) Straight translations can be a little confusing.