Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Naps and Parking Spaces

I’ll admit, I’m a little embarrassed to admit how late I slept in today.  Then, I remember the miles spent walking around Riga and Tallinn, the nights spent traveling on buses, getting into hostels at midnight, and the resulting comatose state we’ve all been in.  Then I feel justified that I went back to bed after breakfast J
Though the morning was spent catching up on much needed sleep, the afternoon was pretty productive! I finally updated my journal, cleaned my room, unpacked from the trip, and had a meeting with the other ILP girls.  We have a couple new older kids coming into class (about 5 kids ranging from 13-10) and we desperately need to reevaluate our teaching techniques.  Apparently, pretending to eat dirt isn’t funny to pre-teens. Who’d a thought?

Anyway, we tried our new schedule today, and implementing the new teaching techniques for the older class.  Seems to have worked pretty well so far! It also means that I now get a rotation involving teaching the 4 years-old class, whereas I didn’t before.  The boys are pretty crazy…. But they were conveniently gone today, so I only had the cute girls :)
Kierra (who was rocking rainbow leggings today, by the way)
The two of them, just being precious
 Another quirky thing about Lithuania - Dima told me that alot of the apartments were built in the Soviet times, when the population was much lower.  Consequently, the parking spaces were only meant to be intended for a smaller amount than are actually here.  This is the hilarious result:
Park on the grass? Sure, why not.

Park on the sidewalk? Eh, the people here are skinny. They don't need that much space

No room in the parking stalls? No problem. Just stop your car randomly. Feel free to block in a bunch of cars. Bonus points if you ruin 4+ people's days.

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