Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh, Zhygimantas.

Highlights of the day:
1)  Sunshine + my favorite Lithuanian oatmeal for breakfast = SUCH a good morning!
2)  Skype session with Shaleah Jane!! So good to hear from her :)
3)  Got a good 2 hours of scholarship research and application done this morning! Check that off my list.
4)  Made toilet paper binoculars with the kids
5)  Family Home Evening!! Elise gave a wonderful lesson, and made us all beautiful hemp bracelets.
6)  Scum! With hats :)
7)  Diamante making her two paper birds kiss in class today
8)  Bailey belting Lion King to try and distract the kids while taking for a bathroom break
9)  Dima brought Sofia and Alyssa over this morning to play while he taught Areil Russian.  So, I took them back into Bailey and Janese's room, and distracted them by getting them hooked on Fruit Ninja for the next hour.  Sofia beat every record I had.  Sigh.
Sofia, having the time of her life stomping on all my records.
Alysa and Sofia combining the glory of their devious minds to bring Swampy his water. 
 10)  Watching Lion King 2 with Sofia and Alyssa.  Well, for the 10 min they sat still long enough to watch it, that is :)
11)  Getting an email from Elder Stewart
12)  Getting texts from Mom and Dad

Z quotes of the day:
1)  "Teacher, birds have TWO eyes!"
2)  "It's not water.  It's water with lemon"
3)  "I'M ENGLISH!!"
4)  "Oh, well that's a silly idea."

And my personal favorite, a conversation we had in class today:
Z - "Teacher, why are you so tall?"
Me - "I don't know Z.  That's just how I grew."
Z -"I think it's because you ate a lot of food."
Me - "Really? What kind of food? Magic food?"
Z - "Oh, no teacher. Just cucumbers and strawberries."

*Note - for clarification, "Zhygimantas" is the name of on of the kids we teach here.  We call him "Z", on account of the fact that his name sounds like nasal infection.  Basically, the kid is hilarious, and is a 30 year old living in a 5 year olds body.  

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