Friday, May 18, 2012


I'll admit - this video has nothing to do with Lithuania. Besides the fact that I loved it so much, I emailed it to our ILP Director in Utah and made him watch it (you know, the one who's never actually met me? Yep, that one.  He liked it though :) Feel free to perform some sort of African tribal dance whilst listening! I did.

Anyway, today's been great!  The rain clouds broke a bit - well, at least enough to avoid bringing an umbrella outside.  Areil and Elise are doing some extra Russian lessons right now, whilst I research scholarships some more and update my blog!!

More of what I did today -
1)  Ate a Milka Hazelnut bar in 3 minutes flat
2)  Had an ORANGE!! Oh, but how I love that fruit. I just need an avocado, and my life would be complete.
3)  Listened to Christmas music (I know, I know... but I HAD to see Jon Schmidts rendition of Carol of the Bells!)
4)  Went on a walk
5)  Emailed my sister! Always a plus :)


  1. Hey I love your blog! I'm thinking about going to Lithuania next summer with ILP and head teaching. I've already been to China. I just had a few questions! Do you like it? Would you recommend Lithuania? What are the apartments like? Do you have any pictures of them? Reading your blog has been so nice because ILP doesn't have hardly any information about Lithuania yet because it's such a new school. If you could comment back, that would be awesome :) Or you could email me at Thanks!

    1. Oh, hey desiree!! First off, I love lithuania :) it's definitely an experience for me since it's my first time being out of the us, and my first time with ilp. However, it's been great!! The apartment is awesome! The fridge has digemon stickers all over it, the toilet never flushes the first time, and I love it :) all the windows are huuuge, because they use natural light. There are 3 bedrooms, one for the head teacher (which has cat wallpaper, by the way), and 2 more to split between the other teachers. The beds are pretty good, though I'd bring more blankets. The kitchen has an oven, stove Nd microwave, but no dishwasher. Probably the best part about Lithuania though, is the area coordinator, Dima! he does soo much for us, and is our little Russian dad :) overall, I would definitely recommend it :) most info is somewhere on my blog though, or will be eventually! You're welcome to look around, and comment where you have questions :) and I'm curious - how did you find my blog? Did someone at ilp give the address to you?
      Thanks for getting ahold of me! I'll post some pictures of the apartment soon, so you can see it :)

  2. So. Awesome.

    That video is phenomenal. Love those red rocks -- makes me miss AZ! And dude, Milka hazelnut? AND an orange? Luxury. Delicious luxury.

    Christmas music! haha! You are so great :)

    1. And it was a good orange!!! Oh, baby baby.

  3. Thank you so much for answering my questions :) I found your blog by googling something like, "Lithuania, blog, ILP" just cuz I know that i kept a blog when i was in China, so I figured maybe someone in Lithuania had a blog too. And then yours popped up :)