Friday, May 4, 2012

Princess and the Pea with wheat yoghurt

Here was the riddle of my night yesterday:

If you have1 full dresser, 2 desks, and 2 full sized beds to cram into 1 small room, how will you make it all fit? (Room to breathe is also a requirement)

Originally, this was quite a dilemma until Elise came up with a brilliant answer - you stack the beds, of course!! And this is the prequel that led to me waking up this morning, laying on a wonderfully cushion-y bed, which also happens to be about 4 feet off the floor.  On the plus side, I definitely feel like Princess and the Pea, and I seem to remember some handsome men being involved in that story.
The glorious combination of futon mattress/air mattress stackage that I enjoy each night :)
  After a supreme night's sleep, we started off the day with yet another visit to our friendly neighborhood kindergarten cook :) We had one of my favorite meals this morning, which I can't explain very well since I don't even know what it is, and can't exactly inquire with the Lithuanian cooks.  Basically, it's similar to oatmeal, but with a nutty grain like Quinoa and alot of milk and delicious secrets.  Life is so good when you eat oatmeal-look-alikes-made-with-delicious-secrets.

After finishing up breakfast, Russian lessons were canceled since my newly conquered germs decided they like Dima.  We ended up relaxing this morning, and taking naps to boost our courage before taking on 40 children  for 3 hours.

Teaching itself was great today, although a little hectic once we combined all the 4 year old's into the same class - that's a planned hernia if I've ever heard one. Anyway, things weren't too bad until one of the 4 year old's bolted from my class and I had to take all the rest of the kids in my wake to catch her.

Couple of highlights from teaching today:
1)  When little Toma saw me from down the hall, and bolted from her Mom's lap and tackled me in a hug as big as her little arms could manage.
2)  When "big boy" Z waved me down to his face and whispered with a very serious face, "you're not a baby"
3)  When "big boy" Z was exhausted by the end of his day and responded to Areil's question by yelling "never again Teacher!!"  Not sure where he picked up that phrase, but it's hilarious :)
4)  When I kept little Kierra occupied with nothing more than a slinky for 20 mins while we waited for her Dad to come.
5)  When class with the 4 year old's resulted in tossing my lesson plans out the window and playing crowd control for 20 minutes.
6)  When Z was upset because he really wanted a green paper, and all I had was blue.  I turned my back to try and find some green paper on the floor, resurfaced to apologize that I didn't have any, and found him quietly playing with a green piece of paper.  When I looked around to figure out where it came from, his neighbor Nedes was quietly sitting with the blue paper in front of him, having swapped the two when I wasn't looking.

Overall, class was difficult but wonderful - then again, such is the case with anything involving children :)

After class, Janese and I had a little tea time party with the dinner that was left out for us by the kindergarten cooks - cookies, biscuits, yoghurt, cinnamon rolls, and delicious Lithuanian cocoa. The cocoa here is more milk than chocolate, and has a nutty taste - easily my favorite drink since coming here.  The cookies/biscuits were delicious in themselves, and yogurt was an adventure - it was flavored green apple and wheat! When I saw the little green apple and wheat pictures, I dismissed the idea, thinking it was too ridiculous to be true.  Then I opened the lid, saw wheat chunks and was still unbelieving.  After a bite, I switched from unbelieving to amazed - someone actually combined yoghurt, green apples and wheat germ and made it taste good!!
One of the containers of green apple and wheat yogurt!!
 Pretty yummy treat :) Yummy food, and even better company!


  1. "you're not a baby." haha! smart little kids you've got there, hillary :)

  2. Was breakfast "gretchka"? I figure they'll feed it to you at some point. :) It's cracked buckwheat that they boil and eat for any meal.

    Love how much fun you're having w/ those kids!

  3. This sounds so yummy - like something I would love, too! We love you so!