Thursday, May 24, 2012

Puppet and bus rides

Started off wonderfully, with a chance to Skype my siblings and Carissa this morning, AND Teri last night!!! Man, I feel so loved and happy right now :)  
Today's the day!! Kind of hectic and rushed, since we've been packing/cleaning/preparing to leave on our weekend trip to Riga and Tallinn today!!! Super excited, and I'll update all about it when I get back. As for today, here's a couple fun pictures -
Just commemorating the first moment the grass here has been mowed in about 8 months.  You can kind of tell by looking at the side he hasn't gotten to yet!
As for class today, it was great! We made sock puppets, and I let the kids play around with a monkey puppet so we could explain what puppets were -

Danila and Danielle
Danila - super cute kid!! He'll bolt down the hall at 30 mph to hug you :)
Goda, a super precious little girl.  She has the most beautiful blue eyes, and I LOVE her smile! :) Plus, she rocks European jumpers, which is a feat in itself.
See what I mean? Precious, right?
Artyom - this twerp reminds me of Eli SO much!
He does however, have the most precious smile as well :)
Teja and Z
Nedes, the slightly posh child who comes to class armed with little treats everyday.  If you can get him to pay attention though, he's great!
Nedes again.
This folks, is the infamous Z! Man, he's hilarious.  A moment before this, loudly pronounced "Teacher, I don't want to have fun today!!!" And then I broke out the monkey puppet and he went nuts :)
Polina and Teja
Little Sofia (Dima's daughter)
Teja again (remind you of anyone? She's the spitting image of Nedes, her older brother)
Oh man, he's so cute when he's not being a 5 year-old dictator.
He also stole my mustache prop when I wasn't looking :)
After we finished teaching for the day, we caught a taxi to the bus station where we waited to catch our ride to Tallinn, Estonia!!!  Turns out, the bus wasn't very fun, so we all had the luxury of spreading out across a row each, which really helped the sleeping prospects.  I wasn't too tired at first though, so I ended up staying up late and enjoying the country.  Since the Baltic States are so far up north, it stays light very late (doesn't even get that dark until about 10:30-11pm) so there was plenty of light to see.  And though I love Vilnius city? That's not what I came to Lithuania to see. 
This is what I have been waiting to find in Lithuania.  The simple beauty of green open fields with the sun behind it.  It was quite a peaceful moment to sit in the quiet bus, looking at the scenery pass and sing Van Morrison to myself until I finally fell asleep. 

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