Tuesday, May 8, 2012


привет.  Меня зовут Hillary!!

Fun fact for the day - there is no "H" sound in Russian.  There is a letter similar to an H, but it makes a "n" sound.  So, often Russians will replace the "H" sound with a "G" sound - thus the Russians calling our wizardry friend "Garry Potter" :)

Anyway, if you couldn't guess by now, we started Russian lessons this morning!! Dima was a jolly teacher, and used great memory tricks (such as American cuss words or name calling) to help us retain the Russian alphabet and simple phrases.  Actually, since learning more Russian, I'm starting to understand why some of our little students talk the way they do! For example, apparently both Lithuanian and Russian have a rolling R sound, which explains why the kids always yell "rrrrrrrred!"and roll their r's the whole merry time.  

The Russian alphabet
To me, the Russian language (or at least their alphabet, since that's most of what I can manage right now :) is fascinating!! For example, they have a hard and soft stop sound, which is a letter that has not sound! It's a sort of separator in a word, and emphasizes parts of a word more than others.  

Also, Dima was telling us this morning that certain phrases or words are made of two combined old words, such as airplane or самолет.  себя (or self) is combined with летать (or fly) to make "self fly" - самолет meaning airplane!  So cool :) Also, спасибо or "thank you" is structured by combining two words - "save" and a shortened version of "God", making a word similar to "God bless".  Dima informed us that this was evidence that the Russians really were nice once upon a time, since they included God :)

If I keep up this Russian language learning for the whole 4 months, I'm going to come home looking like this:
бабушка, or Russian babooshkas :)
On the plus side, she looks pretty cozy in that hat... 

Anyway, teaching was great today!! I've seriously got a soft spot for some of those cute kids.  And those who are cuddly and precious?  I just have to respect their deviousness :)  Since I'm in charge of shop activities, I had planned to make Popsicle stick airplane with the kids today - we didn't even get started on the planes since we were making these the whole time:
Yes, that is grass taped to a piece of blue paper with cotton balls slapped on top. Kind of ridiculous looking? Sure. Did the kids love it and spend 25 minutes obsessing over grass? Yep, they did. It was great :)
 Closed the day off with this:
For those off you who don't know what "this" is, let me first start off by expressing my condolences for the lack of true ambrosia and joy in your milka-less life.  Second, it's a delicious European chocolate bar with caramel cream in the middle. Hypothetically, I was only going to eat one piece. That didn't happen. 


  1. Я люблю тебя, Hillary!

    Love, Mom

  2. Take heart! I spoke Russian for 19 mos. and I don't look like that...yet. ;) The Russian language is so rich and beautiful--it's so descriptive that they use 500 different words (it seems) to talk about the same thing. Uspexha tebye! :)