Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sleep deprivation and Kiddos

I'll admit - I'm still pretty exhausted from our trip, and therefore going to bed early. Normally, this would be a wonderful thing, unless there is a blog post standing between you and your blissful slumber.  Therefore, this might be a lazy post :)

I was up pretty late last night, because I had a chance to Skype my family and Carissa!! I love when they ask me to Skype - makes my day!  After a great conversation (might be a new record for us, Carissa) I headed to bed, then got up a few hours later for breakfast.  After that, I turned in my first complete scholarship application, emailed my missionaries (those in my family who are currently serving an LDS mission - you can find out more about it HERE), and started researching for our NEXT trip!! In less than a month, we're taking our 10 day vacation down to Prague, Vienna, Krakow, Warsaw, and Budapest!!  Super excited :)

Teaching today was great! The kids were slightly crazy, and there was a bit of awkward involved in balancing age groups, but it turned out okay :)
Little Sofia (Dima's youngest daughter) who LOVES me taking pictures of her. She'll stick her face right up to the camera and do the cutest little poses. She also rocks every game on my iPod and can maneuver that thing better than me.

Natas, Artur and Yulia.


Vitalia and Medina - the space case sisters :) Super cute girls, but they live in their own little worlds!

Artur and Yulia

Oh, Toma :)

She was so proud of her cup of dirt!! Plus, she's just precious. So love this girl!

Alysa/Nicole, Dima's oldest daughter.  Her real name is Nicole, but she decided to adopt the name of a character off a movie she liked, and goes by Alysa now.  Oh, and she loves My Little Pony, hence Rainbow Dash.

Daniele, the Toma's crazy/rockin' awesome older sister.  If my little brother Eli was a Lithunian girl... it's be Daniele.


Daniele, Alysa, Artyom, Danila and Toma

 So. Z brought this stuffed puppy to school today, and toted it around with him to every class. Sure, it was a little distracting, but honestly? The thing was so dang cute I wouldn't want to put it down either!  So, I let him leave it on the table and relived my childhood a bit every time I looked at it. Anyway, Z was very particular about the paparazzi privileges with his puppy, so I got this little joy of a video out of him:

Teja and Sophia

Polina, Sophia, Z, and Gerdes

Sophia, Z,Gerdes and Teja (Z was SO dang excited about his puppy. It was precious)

Z, the boy of many faces

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  1. So jealous about Krakow and Prague! After seeing a Rick Steves show about Krakow, I really want to go. Maybe I'm morbid, but I want to see the concentration camps--actually, really want to take my kids there (when they're older) so they can understand what those people went through.

    As for Prague, I talked to a European guy who was backpacking through Eastern Europe when I was serving in Tallinn. He said that Tallinn was the "undiscovered Prague"--so I just wanted to see and judge that for myself. ;)