Thursday, May 10, 2012

So much birthing in May!

So.  Today has been a wonderful day for tons of reasons, but two in particular:
See that beaut wearing a Russian fur hat in a Lithuanian Charlie Chaplin themed pizza shop in the middle of spring? Yep. She's one of them.
                          And this dear lass is the other - none other than the infamous Parissa Cettit. 

While merits of coke addiction or Paramore hair is enough to qualify these girls for all sorts of awards, it's not the only thing that makes them worth mentioning today.  Today is also their celebratory day of birthing!!!!

Two different girls from two different stages of my life:

Bailey Sue Loveless - the Hawaiian-at-heart girl who came into my summer wielding Coke and copious amounts of Peeps (the ridiculously sugary kind - though I'm sure her thuggin' side has plenty of peeps as well).  Late night Disney parties, 90's men workout videos, and Salami - all joys of my life that result of Bailey being here in Lithuania with me :)  It's been so interesting to see how all my fellow teachers and I have ended up in Lithuania together, and the strengths and lessons we've been able to learn from each girl.  Since I first met Bailey in our awkward little "Hey.  I'm spending the next 4 months living with you.  What's your name again?" situation, I've come to appreciate and love this girl.  Her relaxed attitude towards life, her ability to be compassionate towards the kids (even when they boot her ukulele on accident) and her stubbornness on dragging us out of bed to go running are all just great :)  So grateful for her being here in Lithuania with us, and so grateful she popped into being 20 years ago!!

Now. Parissa Cettit. Ooooh, Parissa Cettit.  Well, even if we don't take into account everything I owe her for putting up with me and my silly self, she is still one of the greatest woman in my life for so many reasons!  Ever since we first met, Carissa has always stood as one of the most selfless people I know, and never even hesitates to put my petty details before anything for herself.  Occasions of me coming home from campus to a delicious dinner, a clean kitchen, or freshly purchased Symphony bars have frequented my college career, and brightened so may days :)  She is always willing to listen to any fear or pointless worrying in my life, and always knows what to say to help me move forward.  Adventures of homemade bread, avocado pasta, lemon chicken (which I still say was delicious, though I know she will disagree), or black bean concoctions
(seriously! The possibilities are endless!) have provided all sorts of laughter, late night talks, and even sustenance for this mortal form! ;)  I have never had a friend before who has done so much for me, spiritually, emotionally or mentally.  The Lord introduced this sweet girl into my life at a time when I needed her most, and I'm so grateful that she's never left (though sometimes, I wonder how she can stand not to!!  My complaints about cat hair is enough to drive anyone crazy :)  So grateful for her everyday.  Thanks for being the greatest friend to me, and making my life 283,424,243.1 times better!! :) Love you! 

P.S. I received notification from TCB - they will be with you shortly :)

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