Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A day of emails and pirate ships

"Tuesday" [tooz-dey] - noun, meaning third day of the week, and Hillary Lake's favorite day since it means emails from all the family missionaries!! It's Monday for the rest of the world, so I wake up to emails from my cousins, grandparents and sister who are all serving LDS missions in various parts of the world (you've probably seen these missionaries before - if you want to know more about them, click HERE).  It's the most emails I get, and therefore the best day of the week :)

After finishing up breakfast, Dima came over for Russian lessons!!! We covered reading in Russian, and learned how to say a couple more words.  Still not quite getting the hang of Russian, but I'm sure trying!!

Pictures from the day:
The giant killer bee that tried to murder us while we were waiting at the bus stop.
This picture is an answer to Carissa's question -  how do I know shooting blow darts at people's head is against Vilnius public transport rules?  Well, clearly one would understand such an act to be unacceptable after looking at the far right picture, second row down.  This sign also explains the necessity of such mannerisms of touching your knees while riding, and frequently checking your armpits to ensure you don't offend anyone nearby with your foul odor (that last rule is especially needed in Vilnius. Phew)
Well. This here is a picture of something I have affectionately termed "Jello cheese".  This stuff was layered on our bread at breakfast this morning.  I'm still not entirely certain what it is.

This video is just so precious!! This is our morning class during opening - we're singing a song called "A Tootie Tot". You'll realize the appropriateness of this title once you hear the song, and notice that it these three words are the only ones sung in the whole song.  The real fun is in the body actions :)
An example of the boats that I made with the kids in my class today! We folded up some small boats with each kid, decorated them, and then...
... put on our pirate faces and threw tokens at the ship until it sunk!! Oh, the valuable morals I teach these children :)
My small armada of extras :)
After finishing teaching and walking back from dinner, we saw some hot air balloons in the sky!! Never seen them here before. Knowing Lithuania, there was probably some obscure "Hot air balloon celebration" holiday going on today.


  1. That sign in the bus is delightful. Thank you for explaining :) What is up with that cheese?? I'm very curious about its origin...
    Also, those paper boats are sweet. You come up with such awesome activities! It's so fun to see your massive loads of creativity applied to those classes :)

  2. From what I can see, the sign obviously says "no blow darts," since that's the only thing in the picture that's crossed out. Not blowing them, I suppose is implied, since you can't blow them if you don't have them. ;)

    And, I love that it says "No Ice Cream." Not "No Food." Just ice cream.

    Your comment about the hot air balloon holiday made me totally laugh because you're probably right! LOL

    And the jello cheese? It looks DISGUSTING. I never even saw that stuff there. What did it taste like?

    1. Glue. Straight up, glue with sugar and jello chunks. Not in the top 10 faces, let's say that much :)