Friday, June 15, 2012

Almost halfway, and the emotions are HIGH!

In just another couple of days, we'll be hitting our halfway mark for our time here in Lithuania.  That being said, it's interesting the transition that has been made with the kids - funnily enough, the exact same children who kind of made me dread coming are the same ones who I'll dread leaving.  That being said, I realized today that I'm kind of becoming a Mom.  Why you may ask?  Well, let's take today for example.

I really can't explain why, but all the kids were CRAZY emotional today.  For example:
1)  Danila was already pretty crazy today, and had an emotional meltdown when I went to write a strike on his reward sheet (stars = stickers, 3 strikes = no store) for hitting one of the kids - all sorts of crying and screaming ensued.  He was huddled in a ball under the table crying for about 5 minutes before I could coax him out again.
2) Artur was super wound up and overprotective of Sofia today (mixtures of cute and slightly stressful), and would fly into a tizzy fit every time someone other than him sat by her.  He then spent time in every class explaining to the teachers that Sofia only liked him and Yulia - no one else could sit by her.  Sofia just sat there bored while he narrated her life.