Friday, June 8, 2012

The Birth of Erika - Part 6

Today was definitely an exciting day.

For one thing, Erika showed up in class today, as a tan little Mexican-look-alike child.  We're assuming that her parents and her went on vacation somewhere, since she hasn't been to class for a while.

Second, it was especially exciting to see her since she came armed with stickers, a Hello Kitty cake, Lithuanian gummy thingys, and party hats.  Apparently, it was her day of birth, part 6!! Needless to say, the other kids near went into cardiac arrest from all the excitement - it's probably a good thing Z wasn't at class today, otherwise we might have needed CPR.

The kids loving their terribly-obnoxious-blow-horn-things

We didn't even try to control the excitement.  We just had opening while dodging those obnoxious party-horn-things. London Bridge was involved.

The Hello Kitty cake with a flare sticking out of it's abdomen. Look how thrilled she is!! (Erika, not Janese)
The Hello Kitty cake in all it's sugary glory.
We ended up just pushing together two tables, bringing in a bunch of chairs, and having a party!
It was super fun, and the kids loved it!
Erik and Yulia (Fun fact: Erika is actually Yulia's aunt. But that' s a story for another day)
Erika and Alyssa loving their obnoxious horns.
This was precious - after they had hyped up on all the Hello Kitty sugar, Alysa had the brilliant idea of putting two party hats on Natas.  It just went crazy from there.

After strapping cardboard cones to his head, they then proceeded to shoot him with previously mentioned obnoxious horns.  However, since he's Natas and adorable, he proceeded to just sit there and smile. Oh, but I love that kid :)
After cleaning up from cake, we had a "Pin the "tail" (aka, piece of yarn) to the lion! 

The best part was when we called Teacher Areil down to pin the tail on!

We then proceeded to blindfold her, spin her a dangerous amount of times, then point her in the direction of the lion.

The kids all decided she needed help, and started pushing her in the right direction. However, since they're all teeny little chaps, the only part they could reach was her rear. Then Areil started laughing even harder from the horde of 6 children grabbing at her bum.  I just caught the tail end of it (hehe, get it?) - Ignaus, in the act. (Another fun fact - he proceeded to continue his bum-grabbing habits throughout the rest of the day. Oh, children)
 Basically, it was a SUPER fun opening, full of sugar, laughter, and awkward explanations to the kids about no-bum-grabbing.  After we finally calmed everyone down, we started classes for the rest of the day.  Well, tried to.
They all came to my class looking like this. Sugar craaaaaash.
After we got back from school, we decided to do something devilishly adventurous for our Friday night, and headed into Akropolis to get McFlurries.  Janese and Bailey have been on a sugar fast for the past week, and decided to celebrate by eating copious amounts of sugar.  Good solution :)
For those who weren't aware, the McD's in every other country are SUPER posh compared to America. These chairs looked like they belonged in a hotel.
Elise and I, trying to give McD's the posh air it deserved.  Too bad I look like I'm flipping everyone off. Promise I'm not.
P.S. They also mowed another section of the grass today!! This time though, it was so long from growing unchecked for 8 months, that a tractor was required.
Unfortunately, I was too far over to catch the truly entertaining part of this experience - the tractor drivers expression when I took a picture of him mowing the lawn at 8:30am.

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  1. too much sugar. I got sick. you can't use the word "Copius" to describe every large quantity ever. also, I worked out for an hour tonight. Its fine! :)