Monday, June 11, 2012

A day at the zoo!!!

Sorry if the post title is misleading... for any who were expecting exotic and exciting pictures of animals from a Lithuanian zoo, that's not what today is about. However, I will happily provide pictures of exotic and exciting children acting like they belong in a zoo!! Which in my mind, is better anyway :) Once you've seen one lion, you've seen them all. But the kids? Man, I've been here for about 1 1/2 months already, and have probably only seen 34% of the faces Z is capable of.  The kids got potential.

After having a productive morning of scholarship, fried eggs, and more indexing, I headed up to the school to prep for teaching.  Today's agenda: "A Day at the Zoo" (aka - bringing out different animal costumes, dressing the kids up and acting like a 4 year old)

Erika, rocking the "I've-got-wings-strapped-to-my-face" look

Natas, a part-time Zebra
Alysa, overwhelmingly happy to be holding a beanie baby squirrel. Seriously, she LOVED the thing and almost had heart failure when it was time to put it away.

She really wanted to take it home :)

This is now pictures of the four year old class - there are a lot of them, because getting them to pose for pictures is one of the easiest methods to distract them enough to stop destroying things. Oh, and this is Justas (pronouced Eustace)

Arvi, the warrior butterfly man (right after this picture, he started stuffing tokens up his nose)

Diamante.  I love that little bang ponytail poof she's got going on :)

Arvi, who turned the butterfly around and said "teacherteacherteacherteacherteacherteacherteacherteacher" (without breathing) for about 30 seconds until I took a picture of him.

Justas again. He had a rather unfortunate tendency to punch people today.

Diamante, looking great with a monkey puppet and high ponytail.

Teja was in a crazy mood today! She walked into my class looking like this, and wouldn't take the sweatshirt off her head.

The only way I could get her to take the sweatshirt cape off was to turn her into an elephant/rabbit hybrid.

Don't be fooled by the fake eyelashes, flowers and pink - these are both boys :) Artur and Z, at their best.
Nedes, who loved the little monkey puppet. And unfortunately made it bite everyone.
 And the crowning event of my Day at the Zoo? Look what wonderful habits I teach the kids:
No, this isn't a picture of all the kids flipping me off.  Carissa and Sha - I taught the kids hand dinosaurs today :)

And this picture has nothing to do with anything, but it's just precious.  This is Toma with the familiar bunch of wildflowers she brings me each day :)
It was a pretty fun day :) Best part of the day?  It marks the beginning of a 10-DAY COUNTDOWN UNTIL MY MOM GETS HERE!!!! Super excited to see her!

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  1. Haha I LOVE the hand dinosaurs :) and I'm so excited that your Mom is coming to visit you!!