Monday, June 25, 2012

Destination: Palanga

Today was the start of Mom and I's adventure!! We had tickets to Palanga, and were all set to gallivant around the Baltic Sea for a few days. 

We started off with the bus ride down to Palanga - all in all, it was about 4-5 hours long, and actually really enjoyable.  Considering how crazy it had been to get us on our way, it was nice to have some down time to just talk to my Mom.  Oh, and little tidbit about my Mom - she definitely has a gift for people, which includes loving them, talking to them, and especially understanding them.  I don't remember how, but we got on a conversation where Mom would just explain the behaviors and actions of the kids, and somehow articulated everything that I knew about them, but never knew how to say.  For example, part of the reason my little sister Jaylee is so obsessively clean with everything, is she likes to have every organized, and in her control.  The only times she really gets upset about things, is when circumstances arise which she can't control, and that bugs her.  Now, I never would have been able to explain this behavior to you, but that exactly how Jaylee is!

I was so amazed at my Mom's gift to understand her kids, that I asked her to explain what I was like, and ended up learning some things about myself.  For example - I'm an introvert! Who knew, right?  In my mind, "introvert" was the anti-social weirdo who hid inside eating mayonnaise and crackers.  Turns out, all an "introvert" is, is someone who gets energy from themselves, and is able to "re-charge their own batteries", if you will.  Contrastingly, an "extrovert" isn't someone who doesn't necessarily yell at 30 decibels all the time, and lives a life of partying (which is what my mental picture was) - rather, it's just someone who gets energy from other people, and that's how they "charge their batteries".  While this probably doesn't seem like a very big discovery, it was completely eyeopening to me! I had never even considered that I might be an introvert, and that's why I do certain things.  Sometimes, I just get annoyed when I have people around me too much, I get grumpy being in crowds of people, and I'll catch myself getting annoyed at miniscule things when I've been around people all day - and I'll never have an explanation when people ask me why.  I just... do.  Now that I've realized that though, it's been nice to understand how I can address it when I get annoyed or antsy - just go off by myself for a bit, and I'm fine! Hurrah for understanding yourself, and stopping trying to force your mindset to be something else.

Anyway, that's my revelation for the day. Moving on.

After we finished up our analytical bus ride, we arrived in PALANGA!! For those who don't know where Palanga is, here's a map for your viewing pleasure:
Okay, so I exaggerated. It's not a map of Palanga, it's a map of Lithuania that doesn't even have Palanga on it. Sorry. BUT, if you find Klaipeda in the upper left corner of Lt, that's about 30 min from Palanga.
After we got to our hotel in Palanga and resolved an unfortunate situation involving room reservations and possible credit card fraud, we were on our way to explore Palanga!  Now, let me explain something to you. Palanga is BEAUTFIUL!! Not beautiful in a California-beach-sort-of-way, more like a Baltic-Sea-Beach-and-if-there-was-more-to-do-than-look-at-Amber-museums-I'd-probably-stay-here-forever, kind of way.  Really. It's gorgeous. I'll show you.

It was a WINDY day on the Baltic Sea, and the waves were huge!! Not that you can tell from this picture. Because the waves don't really that big here... that actually look pretty small. But they weren't.

Basically, Mom and I spent our first day relaxing, walking along the beach and exploring the little town of Palanga.  Good day. Even better since we were in bed by 10pm :)

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  1. My husband is definitely an introvert--and, thus, read a book called "The Introvert Advantage." It talked about how we're not one or the other, but somewhere on the spectrum between the extremes of introvert and extrovert. I'm definitely an extrovert, though I move a bit on the spectrum depending on what's happening in my life at that time.

    Palanga is beautiful! I'm going to have to put it on my list of places to go when I go next year...