Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fun facts and mock aviation

Problem:  All of my days consist of the exact same routines, and therefore I have nothing exciting/new to post about my day

Solution:  Don't talk about my day, and instead throw in some random info about Lithuania then post pictures of my juvenile children flying airplanes.

So. I've been in Lithuania now for about 2 months, and have explained alot of the major differences or cultural things that are here. This afternoon though, Dima and I were talking about the tiny differences between America and Lithuania, some of which are pretty funny. For example:

1) The bathrooms are called "water closets"
2)  Probably only <10% of people actually live in homes.  All the apartments were built while Lithuania was occupied by the Soviets, and this yielded two results: 1) All the housing in Lithuania looks exactly the same (Russians have no architectural creativity apparently) and 2) everyone lives in apartments now.
3)  They sure do love their basketball.
4)  They're strangely obsessed with honeybees.  And by obsessed, I don't just mean cakes and shirt decor (though they have that as well) - so obsessed, that in the Lithuanian language, when you talk about an honeybee eating, you use the verb associated with humans, not animals.
5)  I'm not sure if the honeybees end up thriving upon all the love these Lithuanians stream out, but they are HUGE here!!! As in, legitimately frightening ginormous.
6)  The Lithuanian national bird is a stork.
7)  Fun fact about dentistry - here, they let the children rot their baby teeth out, sometimes even applying a substance that makes them rot faster.  They seem to figure that since they come out anyway, baby teeth aren't worth the toothpaste?
8)  According to population, Lithuanian is the first language, Polish the second, and Russian the third.
9)  Trolleys and buses are SO in right now. Public transport is actually really popular, and the system is great.
10)  Waste not!! When they slaughter a pig, they literally eat every part of it's nasty little body. Take it from me, the girl who munched on pig intestines last week.
11)  LACE! They love it.
12)  Since in many cases, both parents work, children are pretty much independent by the time they hit elementary school. They get themselves to school, get themselves home, and pretty much roam around the city solo.
13)  No school buses here - the kids use the public buses to get to class.
14)  It doesn't get totally dark until about 11pm.
15)  The old Soviet playgrounds scattered across the apartment complexes look fairly frightening, and kind of like they belong in a jail.
16)  They have straaaaaaange dog breds here. I've never seen half of these things. Then again, I'm not exactly a dog person, so what do I know?
17)  Children are weaned on alcohol.
18)  No tax on the groceries!
19)  It's not uncommon to see the same older gentlemen chilling on a bench by the park for about 5 hours straight. Once you retire, you're pretty much signing up for a couple years of people watching.  They're sweet though :)
20)  Even though sweetened and condensed milk is canned, they sell it in the fridge section of the grocery store. Weird.

As for my chillin's this is what we did today:
Dragged the chairs into rows, and "flew" our airplane around! Destinations included locations such as the Witch's cottage from "Hansel and Gretel", the House from "If you give a Mouse a cookie" and the Dentist office from Bernstein Bears.

I taught the kids to salute Captain Hillary. As you can tell from the picture, they all though it was pretty dumb (except cute Kamille).

Teja, just being precious.

Z was in a straaaaaange mood today

In case you can't tell, he's odd.

Z's attitude was contagious apparently
 Fun facts of the day:

#1 - Remember Hansel and Gretel? That cute story involving sibling love, breadcrumbs and happy endings? Seems I forgot the minor undercurrents of abandonment, cannibalism, murder by fire, and child slavery.  Oops. Severe editing when I read that to the kids today.  (I'll admit, mainly because I could totally see Z developing some drastic and uncontrollable fear of being abandoned from reading that story)

#2 - There were only 2 occasions of bum grabbing the teacher today, which is definitely an improvement :)  If it wasn't so dang hilarious, I'd probably be a little weirded out by now.

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  1. Oh my goodness. That list is SO FUNNY! And so true. I actually didn't know about the honeybee thing...

    And, I hear you on every day being the same. That's what it feels like to be a mom. Really. It's all about what the kids do each day that makes it different. Or about the thoughts you have about what they're doing. Or the thoughts about what you're doing. Like the Lithuania/America differences. I'm willing to bet that when the Olympics begin, you'll start rooting for any Lithuanians you see competing--simply because you now share a common love of their country. :)