Thursday, June 14, 2012

Events of the day

Today was really rather eventful. Let me give you a run down of my day!

During the morning:
1)  AWESOME run through the woodland track
2)  Stretching session - totally and legitimately touched my toes for the first time since about 6th grade
3)  Proceeded to awkwardly stretch in the gravel playground in front of our apartment while the nearby Mom's watched warily
4)  Completed yesterdays blog post... today. Whoops.
5)  10 minute power nap

During teaching:
 1)  Danila started stripping in my class
2)  Z then followed Danila's suit and decided shirts were so yesterday as well.
3)  Alysa whacked Erika in the head with a jump rope
4)  Artur pouted the whole class since Sofia sat by me, and not him
5)  Elise's class didn't want to do the activity she had planned, and ended up taping each other to the chairs with duct tape instead
From left: Dora (the only saving grace of this class), Daniel, Dominic and Bernard (the twins) and Mose. Man, these guys are crazy.

6)  I discovered that the twins in above mentioned class have a serious future ahead of themselves as pickpockets.  Seriously. Bernard lifted a bunch of Uno cards without me noticing - and I was sitting on them!!  How can a 9 year old do that??
7)  The twins and Daniel in the above class (again) almost got beat up by 3 guys in the street.  Dima interfered in time, though I'm positive those mischievous little guys probably deserved it.  Seriously, these kids have no survival instincts.

8)  Vitalia dropped the F-bomb

9)  The twins tried to switch names on me. Again.
10)  Daniel flipped everyone off, and was immensely proud of himself
11)  Z proclaimed Teacher Bailey as "crazy"
12)  Holy Russian cusswords....
13)  Bailey shared a wonderful bond with Gabia, who appanently shares her love for Vampire Diaries
14)  Andrew shared an enthralling story concerning his Grandmother's pocket and rats
15)  Z told me he loved me 41,000 times, and how much did I love him?
16)  Z picked up a nasty habit involving repetition and inappropriate words

During Russian lessons:
1)  Janese wheezed. Twice.
2)  Dima expressed his love for the American word "technically"
3)  Bailey spoke Spanish
4)  Dima taught us how to give the "just friends" talk in Russian
5)  We learned how to stalk people's apartments and ask who lived where
6)  Dima taught us how to tell people to "get lost"

7)  We learned how to give our numbers out to Russians, and ask them for theirs in return (don't worry though - we can follow up with the "just friends" talk, since we learned that too!)

During Elise and I's adventure to Norfa:
1)  We walked to Norfa, only to discover it was closed
2)  I then proceeded to lead us down the wrong street to get back to our apartment, and Elise manuevered our way home
3)  We discovered yet ANOTHER Kebab stand. Love those.
4)  I found some of my favorite fruits ON SALE! (and bought about a kilo of each)
5)  Moooore Green Apple & Wheat yoghurt - it's just too good! And I need food for the weekend anyway, right?
6)  Come home to discover good news - we going to Klaipedia with the Single Adults in our Lithuanian branch this weekend!! Yet ANOTHER awesome weekend trip the Baltic Sea, here we come!! (best pat of that? We're taking a TRAIN to get there! First ever train ride. Ooooo, I'm excited :)


  1. I'm jealous that you get to go to Klaipeda! I went for a day once so my companion could pick up her visa. BTW--my inlaws are in Vilnius RIGHT NOW! I think they actually might be going to Klapieda to help with the YSA conference/gathering/whateveritis. :)

    How are you feeling about the Russian language? It's hard--but I just love how rich, descriptive, and extravagant it is. (Can a language be extravagant?) Their language reminds me of the way they live. It seems simple on the surface, but when you really start to get to know it, you see the gold gilding on EVERYTHING. ;)

  2. Oh, they are?! Awesome! I'll look for them at the YSA thing - the Senior missionaries usually help out with those, so they probably will be there! So cool!

    As for Russian, it's going. Just not as a very fast speed :) I completely understand what you mean by extravagant though - it's definitely that! The only frustration I have, is that despite how much Russian I learn, it's hard to feel like I'm really progressing or using it since all the signs, advertisements, labels, etc. are in Lithuanian. If I could actually use Russian more, I'd probably be more motivated to learn it. As it is, I'm learning Russian with Dima, and trying to look up Lithuanian on the side. I probably won't have a really good understanding of Russian by the time I come home, but hopefully I'll have enough of both Lithuanian and Russian to get by.