Saturday, June 9, 2012

Indexing with some PB on top

The day started off with some down time, since Areil, Janese and Bailey went into church early for a meeting (they were called as Primary workers last Sunday) and Elise slept in.  I had a chance to get some scripture study in (aka - getting in my daily dose of The Book of Mormon. What an uplifting and comforting gift those scriptures are!! HERE) then worked on emails/school stuff until Elise woke up.  Also, during the down time I had, I started up Indexing again!!

Now.  In the LDS church, we strongly promote the value of Family History - an endeavour to track down genealogical ancestors through census, marriage, death, and birth records in efforts to allow them the same chances we have today.  In our church, we are driven by our doctrine that teaches that marriage and families can continue beyond this life. But this can only happen when families are sealed together in one of the Lord’s holy temples around the world and united for all eternity.  Now, that’s fine for all of us today who have the chance to be sealed in a temple, but what about our ancestors who die without the opportunity to receive ordinances like baptism, or the blessings of being an eternal family? Does it make sense that God would simply say, “Too bad, tough luck?” Of course it doesn’t. When Christ organized His Church anciently, it included vicarious work for the dead and the practice of performing ordinances for deceased relatives “Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? Why are they then baptized for the dead?” (1 Corinthians 15:29). Christ’s restoration of his original Church to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith included the ancient practice of performing these ordinances for our deceased relatives in holy temples. The gospel of Jesus Christ includes the same blessings today in holy temples. (to read more about Family History, click HERE)  Part of family history is "indexing" - the process of entering records into online databases.  While I've dabbled in Indexing here and there (mainly during the genealogy class I took with Carissa last semester) I haven't done too much lately. I changed that today however, and started chugging through the recently released 1940's census.  And you want to know something odd?  It's actually really fun.  I'm starting to understand my Mom's obsession for genealogy work - it's almost your completely a puzzle, and lining up the facts and names until everything just clicks into place.  And perhaps the greatest part? I feel so guided through the process, it's almost as if the name flies into my mind before I even look at the script long enough to decipher it.  Truly, it's a guided and necessary work.

Anyway, after Elise and I had gotten the majority of her classes lined up, we decided to head out to a nearby park and go running!  It was a wonderful chance to enjoy a beautiful day, and I loved getting a chance to go running. We also explored the woods that were nearby, and reminisced about how similar this small forest looked to Washington back home.

After coming home and showering, we took a bus to a nearby plaza and found Elise a new bag to stick her camera in so she doesn't have to lug it.  The day finished off wonderfully with some Peanut Butter Blossom cookies that Areil made for us.  It was SO great to have peanut butter, even if it wasn't nearly as good as American :)

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