Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last day of Palanga

Wednesday was our wrap-up day.  We saw some more sights of Palanga and enjoyed some yummy food, before catching our bus back to Vilnius around noon.
The wind had died down on the coast, and it was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day :)

Albeit sunny, we are in Lithuania.... so therefore, it wasn't too warm.

This picture brought to you by - Hillary's soggy shoes. The waves went a little farther up than I thought.

Mom gained a bit of weight while being here. Mainly on her head. Wind will do that to ya.

She also was adventurous and ventured out onto the catwalks to risk getting splashed!
No splashing though... sadly. I was ready to capture the moment!
After the bus ride back, it was packing and an early bedtime for us - next stop, shuttle to Stockholm, Sweden at 3:45am!

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