Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Learned tidbits of the week

From Areil - If you work reaaaaaally hard on your ILP responsibilities, you will be rewarded with an attractive African husband, who also happens to have glorious abs.  Or at least, have a great dream about one.
From Janese - "Just because Hibiscus tea is red, doesn't mean you have to be all racist about it"
From Bailey - "Every leftover bottle is useful in the eyes of God. Or a hipster"

From our breakfast friend - *insert a lot of pantomiming trying to communicate that Milka bars make you fat*
NOTE: "Our breakfast friend" is a wonderful older man who works at the Kindergarten where we eat our meals, though we're really not certain what he actually does.  After discussion amongst ourselves concerning the topic, we've decided that the Kindergarten cook ladies keep him around to flirt with.  Also, the previous teachers had great stories about him, and he apparently took his shirt off once for them.
From Z - "Teacher, you cannot yell while you're flying the airplane, or I'll turn the engine off and you'll die!"
                "But Z, you're on the plane also - you'll die too!"
                "No I won't, teacher. Little boys can't die."
From Carissa - "August 20th, and I'll be getting in around 3:30pm! Just a little excessively excited :)"
NOTE: My roommate Carissa is coming to visit me and my family in SPOKANE about a week after I get back from Lithuania!!!
From Ema - "Teacher, I'm not a girl. I'm a lady"
NOTE: Then again, that little comment really is my fault since I taught the kids how to bow and curtsy today. It was precious.