Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mini Adventuring

Well, today was a collection of mini adventures. 

First off, I slept AMAZINGLY last night, for no foreseeable reason.  Sure, I did nothing different, but no complaints here!

Breakfast was, as always, delicious.  I love that meal.  And I'm addicted to Cream of Wheat. Lithuanian style.

After breakfast, I took the bus into town with Janese and Bailey since they were going to their voice lessons, and separated once we got to Gediminas - I was on a mission!  I got my sister Eden a super cute scarf whilst adventuring in Tallinn, and decided to mail it to her from here, since it's really not that expensive and I should probably figure out where the post office is anyways.   I managed to find the office, and salvage enough Lithuanian to get it sent off to her, probably marked to arrive 3 months from now.  Ah well. She'll get it eventually. 

After conquering the post office, it was nice to simply wander around the city by myself for a while, taking time to enjoy the first alone time I'd had in... well, since I got here.  It was a beautiful day, first sunshine we've had in about a week, and desperately apprecaited :)

Headed over to lunch with just Areil and I and ate SOOO much salad!! I don't even care that it's covered in Keifer (which is basically half-and-half... I think they actually have it in the states? Anyone know?) - I loved those greens today.  And that's basically all I ate. And loved.

Teaching with the kids was a little crazy, and I things for a little tense sometimes.  However, they're always precious in retrospect, and the crazy moments are never the ones that I remember at the end of the day.  Just the cute kids :)

Oh, 4 year olds.  Jolly little odd creatures, aren't they?

I made them all do pirate faces.  Then took pictures of said faces, since it was so stinking funny!

Bewildered pirate Z.

Sometimes, Sofia is just... frightening.

I told Z we were putting away the camera, and this is the face he made. So I brought it back out.
Finished off the day with pancakes for dinner (what do you know? They even pull that trick in Lithuania!) then had Russian lessons with Dima.  Yet another great day!

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  1. Kak tvoye Russky? ;)

    It is REALLY hard to find acceptable substitutes in America for the food in eastern Europe. You can definitely find them, but they just don't taste the same. But, Kefir on salad? Never tried it. Sounds interesting.