Friday, June 1, 2012

Rain, Rain, More Rain, and PALANGA!

Yep. It's raining again.

However, that little tidbit of gloomy news it significantly better once I remember that I will be viewing said rain from Palanga, the coastal city in Lithuanian I'll be visiting this weekend with Z and his family.  In ILP, they have "home visits", occasions when the teachers have a chance to stay with one of the students and his family for a couple of hours and join the family for dinner, an activity, touring, whatever they wish to do. In this case, Z's family has a flat in Palanga, is traveling down there for a Lithuanian Jazz festival (they LOVE Jazz here) and invited us along! It'll be fun.

School with the kids was great today - my appreciation for deodorant was renewed when I taught the older class (5 kids ranging from 8 to 14), and was knocked back by how strong the B.O. odor is around them.  I mentally thanked Mom for forcing my brothers to wear deodorant for the 200th time :)  Also, Bailey taught the kids the disco while singing "Do As I'm Doing", which was precious.

We left after the first rotation of class, around 5:30 or so. The drive itself was about 4 hours to Palanga, which was filled with super inventive games to keep Z occupied and happy.  Elise especially was super good at making up games, which included the Sloth Game, the Spiderman I-Spy Game, the Cloud I-Spy Game, and all sorts of other ingenious nonsense.  We got to the Palanga flat around 9:30ish, and had some delicious Šaltibarščiai soup, which is basically cold borscht.  It's made of combining soy milk, cucumbers, green onions, hard-boiled eggs, and shredded beets.  Apparently, Lithuanian-Americans call this soup "Lithuanian Gatorade", since it combines liquid, sugars, potassium, and salt, along with protein and vitamins which  athletes, hikers, and farm workers eat a lot.  Basically, it was super delicious and I felt really healthy after eating it :)  Take note family and roommates, because I'm totally making this for you when I get back to the states!

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  1. It's been raining there as much as it has been here in Seattle! Newfangled weather patterns.

    A jazz festival?! So awesome. My dad will be exceedingly jealous. haha :)