Sunday, June 3, 2012

Second Day of Palanga

After Silvija and Lyman got their morning ocean dip in (I'm still trying to understand how they don't develop hypothermia), we had some yummy pancakes again and headed out to the BEACH!

This is the remains of a pier that was built by the same billionaire guy who owned the castle that the Amber Museum is in!  It was destroyed gradually, then rebuilt recently.

Windsurfers! Heaven knows it was windy enough

Elise and I on the pier

On the pier, there are these sections that lower closer to the water and made of metal gratings.  Why do you ask?

That's why :)  When the wind gets high, the waves get high enough to splash the people standing on the lower decks

All four of us standing on the pier

The woven branches that lined all the sand dunes to prevent the sand from blowing away
Silvija and Lyman left to go explore the city some more, while Z and us enjoyed the beach more.

Z drawing a "space station"

I know these pictures are going to get painfully repetitive, but they're just so cute...

Z and I playing in the water!

We played on the beach for a while before getting in the car and heading back to Vilnius!  It was a wonderful weekend, but good to get back home :)

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