Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh, Huppy.

First item of business - So. This is Mozart, but his friends call him Mozzie. Basically, the man is a musical genius and composed over 600 pieces of work throughout his life. Why is this important you may ask? Well. It's because we're traveling to his homeland in Vienna at the end of the month, and going to see one of his operas, "The Magic Flute"!!!  HERE.  My MOM is coming down to visit (HURRAH!!! 15 days and counting :) and we're going to go see the opera with all the other teachers during our 10 day trip to Vienna and Prague! More on that later.

Besides the normal procedures of my day (eating breakfast then raving about how fantastic it was, teaching children and writing blog posts), today's events have included the following:

1)  Reading the blog of Janese's new friend, Christopher Hup.  How did she meet him, you ask? Well. she didn't. Rather, through effective utilization of this confusing and slightly creepy thing called Internet, she found his blog. (Moral of the story - why on earth would you put every personal bit of info on every site you visit?) Sound strange... until you read his blog and understand completely. Some of his better posts include the following titles:
Dos and Don'ts of Kissing 
Girlfriend/Personal Assistant Wanted - Classified Ad 
Friendinitis - A Deadly Epidemic
Single? Maybe you have heard these?

Basically, the lad's a gem.  Oh, Huppy. Thank you for providing laughter in our little deprived American apartment.

2)  Had fun teaching the kids a new song called "There once was a yodeler" and spent a good 10 minutes in each class trying so explain what a yodeler was.  I think they got it eventually... maybe.

3)  Had cookies for dinner.  Thanks to our Kindergarten Kitchen cooks! :)  They've been dutifully feeding us sugar for dinner for almost 1 1/2 months now, unfailingly.  Those jolly women.

4)  Reached my goal of drinking 2 water-bottles. That's a big deal, so feel free to be proud.

Basically, it's been a great day.  Our new friend "Huppy" (as Areil and Janese have dubbed him) made it even more so.  Oh, I love strange people.

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