Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spontaneity is healthy, right?

Remember yesterday, when I told you all that Mom and I were going to spend our 10-day vacation touring Lithuania, and maybe Poland? 

Never mind.

You see, I found some super cheap tickets, booked a great hostel, and already bought the LonelyPlanet app for somewhere else instead.  WE'RE GOING TO STOCKHOLM, BABY!! (Not that I'm calling you a literal baby. I don't think of you as a smallish adolescent, promise.) For those of you who live under a rock, that's Sweden.

We're spending 3 days here,

And here

Annnnnd here

And there

And here/there

And where

And happily here :)
Basically, my life is perfect right now. Once I organize getting our train tickets to visit Klaipeda/Palanga this week done, we'll have quite an adventure ahead of us! Super excited :)

As for today, Mom and I took the day pretty easy - slept in embarrassingly late, ate some delicious green apple&wheat yoghurt, explored old town, and ate sushi. Good day :)


  1. Awesome. What a cool adventure! And check you out, you sushi connoisseur, you!! :)

    1. Be honest. Did you have to spellcheck connoisseur? Because I did.

  2. hahah. I totally did! well, technically my phone did it for me, but I made sure to look at what it autocorrected to, cause I had no idea :)

  3. SO EXCITED FOR YOU! What a grand adventure--and with your mom, no less! Take lots of pics! I'll be waiting...