Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Suprise Skypes and button love

Sometimes, I'm a little out of it after I finish Skyping with my roommates.  Not because they're doing anything wrong - I've just discovered that time zones hate me.  This hatred usually results in late bedtimes, and early awakenings.  However, in times of dire conversational need, sometimes sacrifice is nobly required!! So, that's why I actually answered Sha's surprise Skype call at 6:45am :)
Save this picture people - it might be the best frown I've managed yet. And don't be fooled by the grumpy expression - it was wonderful to talk to them!!
When you start off the morning by talking with such an awesome girls, you'd have to have a heart the size of a cashew to not enjoy the rest of your day.  A rotten cashew.  I'm happy to report that I do not have a cashew heart, and therefore had an awesome day!!

The teaching agenda today was "Don't take Pete!!", a twist on a familiar childhood game.  Even though skittles and M&M's are here, I couldn't do the legit (and way more fun) version of "Don't Eat Pete" since the kids aren't allowed to have sugar. Which is really good. Artur would probably propose to Sofia on the spot if he got enough sugar in him. And then they'd have to be engaged for about 15 years (since they're only 5) and that'd be tragic.  Anyway, we played with buttons, stickers and construction paper - it was a super fun day :)
In case I haven't been clear before - Artur loves Sofia.  Let this adorable picture be evidence of that! (And the fact that Sofia has the patience of a sage for putting up with it - she just sighs and let's him cradle her head if he wants too)

Goda, pondering the whereabouts of sneaky Pete (sidenote - "Pete" was actually "Sofia" at this point.  The kids didn't like the name Pete, so when I asked what they wanted to name it, Artur piped up with "Sofiasofiasofiasofiasofiasofia! Teacher, I like Sofia".  I just patted his arm and said "I know Artur. I know. And we can name it Sofia.  He was so happy.)

Goda, being adorable.  She's good at that.

Artur, helping Sofia lift her button...

Oh, the joys of a 5 year old uncovering a button (which is named after her)

This picture may look like it's mean to be artsy and abstract. It's not. Artur took it when I wasn't looking.

Goda, the part time model.
Picture out which sticker to use for Pete/Sofia is a big deal. 
 After teaching today, we headed back to the apartment for some Russian lessons with Dima! Russians' been going great - trying to truck my way through it, and remember what I can. After lessons, I caught up on childhood, got in contact with an old friend (don't worry Martin - "old" refers to the time I've known you :), and attempted re-hydration.  All in all, good day :)

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