Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Tale of a Childhood obsession

The agenda for class today was "I Spy" - basically using TP binoculars to scope out different things in the room.  I figured it was the perfect opportunity to get a lot of language in, so I gathered a bunch of random objects to stash around the room, "spy", and talk about afterwards.  As I was gathering objects, I discovered the little pal I brought with me from home -
This little beanie baby monkey, MOOCH!!
Rewind about 10 years ago.  From what I remember of the story, Mom had gone to some auction thingy, and walked away with about 3 garbage bags stuffed to the brim with childhood goodness - aka, beanie babies.  Pretty much, my childhood was filled with about 300 beanie babies of every shape, size and strange animal.  Mooch was among the bunch, and was always my favorite.  Since we had SO many dang beanie babies, we got really good at making up games to play with them - racing them on Rescue Hero cars, tying them to ceiling fan blades and seeing which beanie babies could stay on the longest while the fan was going full speed, tying them to ropes and swinging them off the porch railings.... I had a great childhood :)  Whenever we would play these games, I always picked Mooch first, and would even sleep with him at night.  Basically, we were pals :) 

Anyway, when I was pulling out random objects for "I Spy", I came upon Mooch, whom I had brought with me from home. Originally, I was thinking of leaving him there for the kids to enjoy.  After pulling him out of the bucket though, there's no way I'm leaving that little guy here.  I carried him around with me the whole day, and giggled at the familiar rope burns and bald patches that came from too much childhood love.  It was a great day :)

After my wonderfully nostalgic day at school, we came home for some Russian lessons with Dima.  During lessons, I had a stroke of brilliance - since we're leaving to Prague/Vienna this weekend, we'll have some loooooong bus rides getting there (we're talking 22 hours, folks) so I'll have a chance to study Russian! Oh, the positives of indecently long bus rides. 

In other news, Mom is one her way to Lithuania RIGHT NOW!  Update for all who'd want to know - she was supposed to get in around 10pm tonight, but has been running into every obstacle possible - Russian visas, bad weather, and missed flights.  She called just now on Dima's cell phone, and said she was being put up in a hotel in Oslo, Norway, and flying into Lithuania tomorrow afternoon around noon!! Hopefully, she can get some sleep in, take a break from the frustrations of flying, and make it here tomorrow!  Keep her in your prayers, and she should be okay :) So excited to see her TOMORROW!!! :)


  1. Oh man! Sounds like your mom has had a crazy ride. Hope everything goes smoothly from here on our! Crazy that she's in Norway... haha.

  2. Yeah, I'm hoping for that too! And I know - norway, right?