Monday, June 18, 2012

The Thief and the Cobbler - but mainly the Thief

Let me introduce you to some of our new friends at the school - Daniel, Moze, Bernard and Dominic.  Separately, they seem like mischievous little 10 years olds.  Together, they form a band of polish-pick-pocketing geniuses.
I know I posted this picture yesterday, but it just explains them all so perfectly.  From left: Dora (Mose's sister), Daniel, Bernard, Dominic and Mose.  Save this picture somewhere - someday, these kids will be on the most wanted.
I actually realized a seriously random and kind of odd comparison - was anyone else one of the 80 people in history who ever watched the movie "the Thief and the Cobbler"? I have a memory of watching it at a cousin Brayden's house when I was probably only 10 or so, and LOVING the character of the thief. 
Does anyone else remember this guy?
 Basically, this guy is a strange mute man who wears nothing but a skull cap and nasty brown robe, and spends the entire time stealing things for no apparent reason - simply because he can.  He has a cloud of flies that follow him around, runs like a maniac, and has ears bigger than the rest of his body. Basically, he's a weirdo.  And yet for some reason, that's the parallel my mind decided to associate with my new friends, the Polish klepto-twins.  Perhaps because they also enjoy stealing random, useless things, for no other reason in particular? Maybe because this strange mute man is actually Polish? Who knows.
Don't you see the resemblance?!

Whatever the reason, I just spent the last 30 min of my life looking up videos from "The Thief and the Cobbler" on YouTube. It really is as terrible of a film as I remember. Except for the thief. He's pretty great.

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  1. Watched part of that movie at my cousins' house when I was younger, too... All I remember is a lot of diamond patterns and crazy colors. Kind of like a circus tent explosion. Which sounds akin to some of your days at the school :)