Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tidbits - Part two

Sometimes, I'm just tired and lazy after I get home from teaching all day.  And when such a day occurs, writing a witty and detailed blog post is definitely not in the list of top 10 things I want to do with my evening.  So! Today you're getting a tidbit list, part two :)

Quotes of the day:
1)  "It's hard to play hard to get, when you're really not that hard to get" (Janese)
2)  "Teacher, sit down and stop talking. They need to sing the song themselves!" (Z)
NOTE: This was during Janese's lesson today - she was teaching the kids "Row, Row, Row your boat", when Z's inner Jillian Micheals exploded, and he impeached Janese.  Basically, he told her that the kids had to learn the songs themselves, because if they didn't, they wouldn't be able to sing the song for their parents, and then they wouldn't hug their kids anymore.  This speech was followed by Z forcing all the kids to sing the song individually, then all together as a class without Janese's help. After he was satisfied, he allowed Janese to regain her teacher status. Pretty funny kid :) 
3)  "Just closed a shady deal with a black-clad Celine Dion impersonator in a church parking lot" (Carissa)
Note:  Basically, this translates to "I just saw your Mom and gave her the package to bring to you".  Since, you know, MOM'S GOING TO BE HERE TOMORROW!!!!!! 25 Hours to be exact. 
4)  "Teacher, I like Sofiaaaaaa" (Guess who?)
 While I was helping one of the other kids, Artur decided it was huggin' time for him and Sofia.  When I saw, I laughed and told Sofia to smile so I could get a picture.
She made this face instead. Man, she's a patient girl :)
5)  "Teacher!!!! That is NOT my class! I'm supposed to be in HERE!" (Ignas)
Note: Sooo, Ignas was pretty much a drama-queen and loved making Z upset in classes.  So, we decided to switch him into a different class.  When rotations came around, he went into his new class, while his old class came to me.  After 5 minutes in, I heard the door of the classroom next to us slam, and someone running wildly down the hallway.  My door burst open, and Ignas dramatically yelled his protestations of being put in the new class. We all just sat there and stared at him. It was pretty funny.   
6)  "This is totally stupid.  It's stupid, it's stupid, it's stupid" (Z)
He was having a pretty emotional day.  Then again, every single day is an emotional day.
NOTE:  Z apparently didn't approve of Bailey's owl-making activity today.
7)  "Teacher, I've been standing on one leg ALL DAY!  Now, how am I going to be able to get home?!  I'll  never be able to walk again!!"
     "Well, it's a good thing that we're going to go sit down right now, huh?"
     "NO! How will I get to my CHAIR?!"
     "Well, do you want me to carry you?"
     *Bailey carries Z over*
     "There. Now are you okay?"
     "Yes Teacher. This is just fine."
NOTE: Basically, Z's a drama-queen, and was convinced that his foot was broken.  Artur probably nudged it or something. 
8)  "Teacher, I'm a man. I have muscles" (Z)
NOTE: Areil drew Z a picture of a superhero to bribe him to be good.  He couldn't even handle the excitement.

Super Z!!
 More pictures of the kids from today:
I just love these guys :)

Arvi, SUPER proud of the Goldfish cards.

Halfway through the lesson, Goda flipped up her hood and started flashing up gang signs.

Anytime ANYONE takes a picture, Artur jumps into the camera and takes up the entire screen.

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