Sunday, July 22, 2012

A bit o'childhood memories. And Artur.

Today has been a wonderful Sunday!  Started off by going into church early with Elise, to train with Brigita about our primary calling.  Last sunday, both Elise and I were called to work in the Primary in the Lithuanian branch, which means that we were over all the children under the age of 12.  Seems that I'm definitely mean to work with kids while I'm here :)

Church itself was wonderful, with talks given by Marty and Mitch Miles - an American embassy family who recently moved to Lithuania from Ethiopia with their 3 children.  It was wonderful to hear from them, and their experiences concerning participating in the church from around the world.

After church, we headed home for some dinner and a great power nap. After Elise and Bailey got back from Akropolis (where Elise got her hair cut), we had a great childhood memory recap! We pulled up none other than this lovely lady:
Remember her? I kind of love her. Actually, a lot.
After racing carousel horses and having Rum Cake flavored medicine, it was wonderful to have a visit with my good ol' childhood memories.  Despite being 20 years old, I still love that woman :)

Anyway, this movie alone was reason enough to make my entire night :)  If that wasn't enough, I'm also planning on doing a highlight for Artur today!
This is little Mr. Artur
1)  Little background on Artur - he's Alysa and Sofia's neighbor, and therefore good friends with their family.  This results in a tiny bit of a clique between Sofia, Alysa and Artur.  And let's be honest - it probably doesn't help that Artur is madly in love with Sofia.
Every time I try to take a picture of the kids, there's two results that happen - either Artur will jam his face in front of the camera (he's the king of photo bombs), or he'll seize Sofia in a "hug" and pose. Exhibit A.
Most of the time, Sofia is okay with it.
And sometimes she's not.
2)  Something to mention about Artur - he's quite an anxious little fellow.  He spends the majority of the day fretting and worrying about everything.  Especially anything involving Sofia.
He makes this face about 80% of the time.  Poor kid. He'll be quite the angsty teenager.
3)  He is the proud owner of an elephant umbrella.  He loves it.

4) Dima always drives Artur into school with him, because they live in the same apartment complex.  Since this is the case, there is always a small earthquake when Alysa, Sofia and Artur all come bolting down the school hallway, racing to the classroom. Every time Artur rounds the corner, he is smiling ear to ear, and books it down that hallway.  It's so cute.

5)  Since some of the kids stay for both the first and second rotation, we always have them bring a snack so they can eat between classes.  Whenever Artur eats his snack (usually a little granola bar or something) he always narrates his meal and tells Areil how "yummmy" his snack is.

6)  In case I haven't mentioned this yet, let me make one thing clear - Artur loves Sofia. How do we know this, you ask? Is it through our exceptional observation skills or pick up of emotional clues? Oh no.  Artur tells us so.  About every 5 minutes actually.  We'll be in class working on something when Artur will suddenly feel the overwhelming need to proclaim his love for Sofia.  So, he'll start saying this:

Artur: "teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher..."

*Ignore Artur and continue speaking with the kids*

Artur: "teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher..."

*Speak louder to the kids and continue working in class*


Teacher: Yes.  What is it Artur?

Artur: "I like Sofiiiiia".

Teacher: *pats his little arm* I know Artur. I know.

7)  Believe it or not, there is actually an art to the way that Artur says Sofia's name.  You can just say it like you would a normal name. Oh no. She deserves more than that. So instead, you draw out the "i" and fluctuate the sounds of your letters in a wave.  The result goes something like this:


Really, you should just be proud that I figured out how to size the text like that.

8)  As one would expect to accompany young love (I mean, really. They're 6), there are some bumps along the road.  Lovers quarrels, if you will. For example, there was this big drama a couple of weeks ago between Artur and Sofia.  Not sure where it originated from, but it was pretty dramatic.  Here's a rough explanation of the situtaiton:

Artur: loves Sofia, but is uncomfortable by the fact that she doesn't reciprocate as much as he'd want. He responds by latching onto one of his best friends, which unfortuantely, is Sofia's older sister Alysa.

Sofia:  Feels stifled by Artur's overwhelming love (and the fact that he frequently grabs her in hugs) and responds by distancing herself.  She begins to engage in conversation/play with other boys in the classes, which only makes Artur jealous.

Alysa:  The awkward third wheel in this situation, since she is Sofia's older sister, but Artur's best friend. She is put in a rather strange position of balancing the two's love quarrels, but feels a stronger loyalty towards Sofia. In the end, she'd probably side with her.

See what I mean? Draaaaaama.

Oh Artur. He's a crazy little kid, and sometimes drive me crazy, but he's got a good heart.  When it comes to it, Artur will never pick a fight, bully another kid, or even try to cause trouble. He's content to be his happy little self, and dote on Alysa/Sofia (depending on the day).

Really, he's just a good kid.

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