Friday, July 27, 2012

Balloons, balloons and Danila

First off, this is what today looked like.  Minus the rosy cheeks.  The sunshine really probably was this cockeyed though.

In spite of the heat though, we still made it through alive!! Today's menu consisted of workouts, creamy oatmeal (erryday), scripture reading and buckwheat!!  It was a good morning, indeed :)

Once we had gotten to school, today's topic was based on Balloons!!! First off, the kids LOVE balloons. Don't believe me? Feel free to appreciate these pictures:

Ignes got to the class early, and stole a purple balloon from my bag.  He started to blow it up...
And blow it up...
Until he was left with this ridiculously large mass of laxtex.  He would blow it up really big, then throw it in the air and laugh as it zoomed around the room. It was pretty cute.
In class itself, we played balloon volleyball!
Watching the kids play "volleyball" actually reminded me of my younger siblings soccer games - basically a horde of kids running around the field, with a ball occasionally popping out.

The kids and I. And the balloon.
 Basically, balloon volleyball was a hit. 

In other news, I've decided to combine a bunch of our craziest teaching stories in one place. Why? Well, because they all have a common thread:
This here is Danila. He's nuts.
Couple things about Danila:

1) He always sags his pants.  He's such a skinny little guy anyway, that his pants always fall down.

2) We've nicknamed him "Charlie Chaplin" because he never actually speaks up clearly or says anything really. Instead, he kind of talks like this:
Yep. Danila basically speaks like the teachers/adults off of Peanuts. No exaggeration here, folks.

3)  One slightly hilarious/disturbing story - in class last week, Elise was doing rules and getting her classroom organized.  When she turned around, Danila had dropped his pants and was flashing the world. Great.

4)  He also licked his shoe in Janese's class yesterday.  We're not sure why. Sometimes he just does super random and strange things, and we're left trying to figure out what just happened.  Actually, when I went to go pick Danila up from his class for rotations, Janese had written a note on the stars/strikes sheets saying "Hill, this kid is disgusting. He just licked his shoe"

5)  He likes to play "disappearing arm" with Areil by ducking his arm in and out of his shirt sleeve.

6)  If you ever praise him for doing something good, he'll get so excited that he has to tell everyone within 5 feet. Maybe even 6 ft.

7)  There was quite a drama in class last week when Danila slapped Z super hard, for no apparent reason.

8)  You have to constantly keep an eye on that kid, or he'll grab a pair of scissors and start doing something crazy.

9)  Basically, this kid is kind of a nut. He kind of likes to destroy things.

10)  He really likes music, and loves to sing all the opening songs.  Every time he sees a music note, he always starts saying "lalalalala"

11) Put it this way - he's definitely a little boy.

Basically, Danila is probably one of the harder kids for us to handle. He's kind of a nutcase, likes to destroy everything, and is kind of crude. But hey! He definitely has good moments, and always wins us over with his Charlie Chaplin self :)

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  1. Ignes looks like he really enjoyed blowing up the purple balloon. Wow. It's a big one.