Saturday, July 21, 2012

Branch BBQ!! Also, Sofia.

Today was a WONDERFUL day!! Started off by going into Europa (one of the 34 malls that Vilnius has. Sheesh) and getting Areil a great new bag!  After which, we attempted to make cookies (we just gave up and ate all the cookie dough instead) and consequently had to run to NORFA and buy some cookies instead. Which were delicious.

The cookie-making escapades were in honor of a very special occasion - LITHUANIAN BRANCH BBQ!!!  Edward (the branch 2nd counselor) is building a house in the country area outside of Vilnius, and offered to host a party since we've had so many new people move into the Branch lately. Also, Americans are apparently taking over Vilnius.  Counting the missionaries, there's a whopping 15 or so of us now.  It's exciting.
The cute kids, clamoring all over the mud hills outside Edwards construction sight.

Little Sofie, Olita, Glorie and Eli
*insert other such joyful and adventurous pictures of BBQ.  Also, imagine everything covered in dirt, since the grass covered mud hills were too tempting for a horde of children to resist*

In case you couldn't tell, I'm a class 2 lame-o since I forgot to take pictures of anything.  Serious apologies, because it was wonderful :)

Also, today I'm going to highlight little Sofia!!
Yesterday, I did a highlight on Alysa/Nikol, who is Sofia's older sister.  For those who remember, this means that Sofia is also Dima's second daughter, and therefore one of the ILP teachers slightly-biased favorites. Only slightly.  For those who are concerned about this apparent (and may I remind, slight) favoritism, read the following and you'll understand :)

1)  First off, she has a vibrating complex.  We don't really know where this originated from or what it exactly means, but she does it all the time.  For those who would be interested in experiencing this vibration complex, complete the following steps:

Step 1 - hold arms in front of body, about shoulder height and slightly curved towards the center of your body.

Step 2 - flex shoulders, so that your neck is ducking down and your shoulders and close to your ears

Step 3 - clench fists

Step 4 - make an expression as if you were being electrocuted

Step 5 - say "teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher" until the closest ILP personal gives you their full attention.

Step 6 - proceed to adapt a wide leg stance, tense your entire body, and VIBRATE!!!!!

Little Sofia adopts this procedure probably about 4-5 times daily, and has mastered the art.  She's even gotten so good, that she can vibrate for about 10 seconds straight without stopping.

2)  In case you couldn't guess from the previous point, Sofia has A LOT of energy.  She's constantly running (which is kind of a scary experience for us,  because she looks like she's going to biff it with every step she takes) and jumping off of things.

3)  Also, did I mention that Sofia makes the BEST faces??

Sometimes, she enjoys displaying her tongue to the world.  Actually... most of the time.
Also she's a pirate.
4)  This combination of energy and vibration techniques apparently proves too much for the 6 year old population of Lithuania, since Sofia has quite a fan club.
This here is Artur. Have I mentioned he loves Sofia?  And that he mentions it about 30 times a day?
Oh, and did I mention that Sofia gets a little annoyed sometimes? :)
5)  Sofia is ALWAYS happy! She has so much energy, and spends it on being a joyful little thing.

6)  Sofia is quite the little artist as well. As I mentioned with Alysa, Dima is quite the artist, and this is something his kids have inherited.
Sofia doing her paint art
7)  Like her sister Alysa, Sofia can sometimes be a little bossy.  Many a time in our classes, Sofia will march in front of the class and say "who's being good?" in imitation of us ILP teachers.  Funnily enough, the kids actually obey her...
Sofia, calling Z and Artur to attention to see who gets to pick a song.
8)  No matter the activity we're doing, Sofia will always have fun!
We were originally supposed to be playing balloon volleyball, but Sofia decided to do limbo instead!
Then it turned into an Army boot camp.
9)  Did I mention that Sofia is a champion Fruit Ninja? Seriously.  Every game I have on my iPod is holding records from none other than little Miss Sofia.  And believe me - she's good. I've even tried to beat her record.  I can't.
Sofia, the secret Fruit ninja
Alysa and Sofia collaborating together to destroy all my hopes of beating them.
10)  Sofia is a snuggler.  She will often come up to us at church or school saying "teacheeeeer" and give "that face". When this happens, you can't help but scoop that girl up and give her a snuggle.
Seriously.  Can you resist that face? I'd wager not.
Sofia is definitely another highlight of my time here.  Her love and cheerfulness is something I look forward to each day, and it's always a highlight when I see her.  Not to mention her curly little hair just makes me want to love her even more.
Little Sofia.

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  1. Cute kiddos. These individual highlights are so fun to read :)