Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 1 of Vacation and Goda (not the cheese)

Well, today is the start of our last 4 day vacation.  Though our first 4 day weekend trip was great (when we went to Tallinn/Riga) but we all decided to stick around in Vilnius, and take some time to actually explore the city we've been living in for the past 3 months.The day consisted of:
Getting frozen yoghurt at Yo-Yo's, and meeting up with Charles to start the adventure!

Making bewildered looks at Elise's crazy faces.
Wandering down by Vilnie river to explore St. Annes, and forcing Charles to be my tour guide.  Since he grew up Catholic, it was wonderful to speak to him and understand more of the meanings behind the old Catholic churches.

Wandering into Užupis with Charles and the girls, and loving the random swing we found.

Admiring the Užupis angel again

Wishing for a Juliet balcony in my house someday, simply so I can copy the beautiful ivy here

Admiring the strange Užupis beauty, found in graffiti and decrepit buildings.

Looking through all the pictures on display by the Užupis constitution

Taking my sweet time to admire my favorite picture on the constitution wall.  And no, I don't just love it because they're kissing. Believe me, if you had seen the scary red demon woman portrait next to it, you'd have loved it in comparison too.

Taking pictures of Elise high-fiving Užupis

Getting a giggle out of the Užupis symbol

Discovering random churches hiding down alleywalls in Užupis

Going on a mystery hike with Charles as our guide, and discovering bunker hill!  I'll let you figure out why it's named that.

Let me introduce you to "the bunker" - it's about 8x8", and every surface is covered in artsy graffitti

Even the inside

Then, if you wander up these dangerously-steep-and-slightly-creepy-stairs, you'll find yourself...

Here. Looking over all of Užupis and Vilnius lying behind it.

Elise had Charles take some snazzy pictures

We hiked down some CRAZY steep stairs

Elise and Janese posed whilst standing on top of a tagged bunker.
And eventually made our way to the Akropolis to watch THIS!! It was so good. Seriously. Go watch it.
Obviously, the term "vacation" implies that we don't actually have school this week. However, I'm still doing my highlight on the kids, with Goda being todays subject.
Seriously. This girl needs to model for GAP.  Goda is so precious :)
Couple of fun things about Goda:

1) For starters, you pronounce her name "Goo-da". Yes, like the cheese.

2)  Once in Bailey's class, she was being a punk that day and bugging all the kids.  When Bailey turned away to do something, she looked back to discover Sofia with a wad of gum in her hair, and Goda looking very guilty.  She's kind of got a punk streak to her. I like it.

3)  Sometimes, when Z gets all uptight and puts his bossy pants on, Goda will sing "Teacher Z, Teacher Z, Teacher Z" until he gets super annoyed.  It's hilarious.  Also, she mocks him when he tries to boss her around. Also hilarious.

4)  Sometimes, she likes to think she's a thug.
If GAP ever opens a children gangster section, I'll know who to refer them too.
 5)  Goda is ALWAYS smiling. Always.

6)  Sometimes, Goda likes to think she's sooo mature, and will do little quirks or expressions to prove it.  Coming from a family where Jaylee has always been "9 going on 19", it's endearing to me :)
For example, sometimes she gets super serious when we're playing a game, or tries to act all adult-ish.

7)  Goda is always quick to hug and love us teachers.  And we love it :)

8)  Yesterday, Goda had a headache (probably because the kids were being SUPER crazy that day), and ended up sitting with Janese, Areil and I in the craft room until her next class.  When she came in, she quietly picked up a book, went and snuggled up to Janese's side and just started looking through it quietly.
Basically, it was precious :) After this, she came and snuggled on my lap while I read to her for a bit. 
 Even though I know I say this about every child, I just love Goda.  She always makes my heart melt a little when she comes in my room, and I look forward to having classes with her.  Goda is such a happy child, and always makes my day a little happier as well :)

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