Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Yes, you can still celebrate American holidays in cast-off European cities :) Janese and I decided to start off the American festivities by going on a hike to Three Crosses!

Three Crosses is a monument in Vilnius, on Kalnai park.  The crosses are meant to be a commemorating monument for 2 Franciscian missionaries who came to Lithuania in efforts of spreading Christianity. It didn't work too well for them, since they were both killed.  But the people seemed to feel bad about it later, and put a cross monument up in honor of them!  It sure was beautiful though - the hike was great (the insanely steep stairs especially) and the view was AMAZING!
Janese, triumphant from our hike!

Me, enjoying the gorgeous view

The Three Crosses

Playing with a setting I found on my camera, and enjoying Janese's beauty in the process :)

After walking down from Three Crosses, we headed over to river to explore some (Amanda, this is the green bridge you asked me about once!)

On each end of the green bridge, there are two statues, each having some sort of Communist symbolism.  This particular statue is of the soldiers, with a communist symbol on the top of the flag.  From what I understand, the Lithuanian people rolerate the statues, and leave them as a historical landmark.
In Lithuania, they refer to a "holiday" as the America term "vacation" - so therefore, we had to explain to the kids that today was an American festival!  Elise made American flags with them, Janese taught them "America the Beautiful" (complete with pictures) and we did 3-legged races in my class today!!

Though the classes with the kids were great, the REAL fun was once we got home.  Areil spent the majority of the day being a precious little future Relief Society President, making star banners and delicious coconut cakes.  Elise made some deviled eggs, and Bailey brought the topper with some grilled hot dogs. Plus, we blasted country music the whole time and light our cake on fire. What's more American than that?!
Areil, chugging down a hot dog!

Elise, so DANG proud of her delicious deviled eggs (fun-slightly-related-fact: we haven't been able to find a single container of mustard being sold here that doesn't contain horseradish. On the plus side, it definitely clear up your nostrils!)

Bailey, the grill master


Sometimes, Areil kind of looks like an old lady. Well, actually most of the time...

The whole group (minus me)

The whole group... and Elise's sumo wrestler pose

THE AMAZING CAKE AREIL MADE!!! This delicious vanilla cake had homemade coconut cream frosting, toasted coconut, and berries on top. How good can life get?!!

Our RS worthy decorations. Courtesy of Areil.

The American girls (as our branch calls us)

Areil, being ever so concentrated as she tries to light the firework on our cake

Us, singing the national anthem to the flag our purple elephant is holding.  It was a patriotic moment.
HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY FROM THE AMERICAN GIRLS!!! (Not the doll kind. The Lithuanian kind.)

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  1. Love the Captain America shirt! Awesome festivities :)