Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Lover" the cat, and Mose's birthday!

First, a Z story for the day.

In Janese's class today, she had the kids color in blank puzzles pieces to make a picture.  After the yellow class had finished their picture of the cat, they had this converstaion -
Janese: "Okay, what do we name the cat?"
Z: "LOVER!!"
Janese: ".... what did you say?"
Z: Lover!"
Janese: "....what? Lover? why?"
Z: "Because we need to love him, teacher!"

I know, right? That kid.

Anyway, after they named "lover", Artur reached over and drew some eyelashes on it.  As soon as he did, Z went into fits and started having some emotional meltdown while yelling "No! Lover is a BOY!!" Janese then had to have an anatomical chat with the kids and explain that boys had eyelashes to.

Our life is so exciting here.  If that wasn't thrilling enough, Danila flashed Elise today. Yikes. And Janese got flashed on her run last week.

Anyway, "Lover" the cat aside, we had a great day teaching! Today was Mose's 10th birthday!
This is Mose. He's deceivingly cute.
Little bit of background on Mose - when he first started at ILP at the beginning of the semester, he was by far one of our worst kids.  He would pilfer tokens when you weren't looking, give you attitude in Russian, refuse to speak English, and just generally make class miserable.  Over time though, he's calmed down so much and become one of my favorite kids.  Nowadays, he's one of my best helpers in class - he'll help the younger kids with their projects, pick up/carry things for me around the class, and look out for the other kids. 

Today for example, he came into class late after we had already started opening.  When he was walking to his spot in class, Bailey was trying to get him to come to the front of the class so we could sing "Happy Birthday" to him. However, he ignored her and kept walking to the back of the room. Once he got to his line, he turned to two new kids that were there and gave them the token bags he had picked up for them at the front of the room. Then, he turned and walked to the front of the room so we could sing to him.  It was so cute :)

Other little tidbits about Mose:

1)  He loves ART! When I had art last rotation, he was always so eager and loved the projects we would do.  Everything he does is elaborate, and wonderfully done.
Mose, super proud of his artsy toothpick house
2)  He LOVES the Italian soccer team. Him and Janese even had an argument about it once. And he wears their jersey to school all the time.

3)  He loves dancing! There was one day at school that Bailey was teaching the kids to dance, and Mose was partner dancing with her all through class!

4)  One day, he gave Danila his three stickers, even though Danila had punched him earlier that day. 

5)  He loves Crocs. I'm not sure why Crocs are so popular here in Lithuania, but they are! All the kids wear them, love them, and even adorn that awkward footwear with little pins and gadgets. I guess it's kind of cute. Kind of. 

Mose attends ILP with his other two siblings, Dora and Sima.  They're both pretty kooky, but also great :)


Dora with her brothers, and random cousin who's being coming to ILP for the past few days.
1)  Dora is the second of the kids, and SO sweet. She is super cuddly, and always wants to hug your legs. 

2)  She's a slight suck up...

3)  She loves to sing in class, and is always super smiley :) Areil was just telling me about this morning in class, when Dora was singing in front of the class. Areil just kind of smiled and thought about how beautiful she'd be when she's older.

4)  Dora loves Toma. Loves Toma.

5)  She's kind of the mother in relation to her brothers, and always is good about making sure everyone is together before going back home. 

1)  Sima is... Sima. He's kind of crazy.

2)  One time, he put all us teachers in a panic because he went home with Danila's family, instead of his siblings. Without telling anyone.

3)  When we were riding the bus back to our apartment once, Areil saw Sima playing on a hill with all his little friends. In a cardboard box.

4)  His siblings always have to look high and low to find him before they go home. He seems to enjoy hiding from them :)

5)  He is SUCH a troublemaker!  We're constantly having to stop him from bugging the other kids (girls especially), stealing our tokens, and just being an overall pain.
Just look at that troublesome face.
6)  He hates getting strikes.  Stars/strikes are the system we use to basically bribe the kids to be good :) The system is pretty simple - if you're good, you get a star. If your bad, you get a strike. Pretty simple, right? Well, anytime Sima gets a strike for being his crazy little self, he pouts for the next hour and refuses to do anything. It's pretty silly.
Mose and Sima
Me and the boys
Overall, they're a great little family.  The kids are super cute, albeit occassionally super crazy.

Other tidbits of the day:
Z and I
We stuck a candle in a truffle and gave it to Mose for his birthday :)
Look how happy he is to have his candle truffle.
In class today, we went bowling for costumes! Each bowling pin had a picture of a costume, and if you knocked that pin over, you got the costume! It turned out super cute.
They loved it. It was cute :)


  1. Holy fabulous and totally Hillary shirt!! That is way awesome!

  2. Haha, thanks Carissa :) wait till you see the blazers !!

    Ps - you are probably one of the only people in this world who would comment on my new shirt :)