Monday, July 2, 2012

Mommy meets the chillins'

Monday was our first day back into "real life", since it was the day we came back to teaching the kids!! That wasn't till the afternoon though. And since it was Mom's last day, we spent all morning together, wandering around Old Town!

We first went to Gediminas tower, since I really wanted my Mom to see the view from the top of the tower. However, seems our friendly neighborhood construction guys didn't approve of  my wish in life, since they decided to pick today to close down the path leading to Gediminas for construction.

Fine. No matter. We'll just go around the back.

After Mom and I slipped through the crack in the construction fence and hiked up the cobblestone path to the top (getting chased by a bulldozer up the whole way in the process! I thought he was going to yell at us. Turns out, he just wanted something at the top.) we were met with a fantastic view :)

After conquering the path back down through the construction zone, we started walking out to Old Town to get some last minute souveneirs!  Mom got all sorts of fun stuff for family/practically-family,  and I even got some fun stuff to! I haven't bought much of anything for myself while I've been here, but I splurged today and got a Lithuanian bag and scarf. In Lithuania, they are HUGE on linen, because apparently it grows really well here and provides a tourist attraction/product.  Since there are about 356 shops/vendors selling linen though, you start to notice that they all have the same terrible patterns of cows, cats and and other strange looking animals. Some of them have poppies though, which is also a very Lithuanian characteristic pattern.

In the end, I bought a great poppy patterned linen bag, which I've been using every day since :)  Mom and I both walked away happy from our Old Town adventurings, and headed back to catch a bus to be in time for teaching.  We even made a delicous pit stop along the way, and I introduced Mom to my friend Muhammad.  Now, Muhammad is from Egypt and runs my favorite kebab stand in Vilnius, which isn't really even a stand. It's a trail with a giant red pepper painted on it. And it's delicious. Mom agrees :)  After introducing her to the cabbage/cucumber/jalepano/tomatoe/garlic sauce/chili powder/roast beef goodness that Muhammad cooks up, we were happy, haaaaaappy people. Plus, he gave mom and I a bag of mint that he had dried - it was so kind of him. I love happy people :)

We spent the last afternoon at the school, since Mom wanted a chance to meet the kids and see the other half of my life here.  It was a super fun day, and the kids were fascinated by the fact that big kids have Mom's too.  They loved her :) Then again, everyone loves Mom, so why am I surprised?
Artur, Alysa, Sofia and Z lovin' on Mom
And she was lovin' them right back :)
This was the second attempt. The first attempt ended with me being tackled to the floor.
 The day ended with packing, and finishing up last minute stuff with Mom :) It was such a good day, and I couldn't have had a better time with Mom and the kids!

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