Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New goals and Ignas

Here's the thing. I already know that the thing I'll miss most about Lithuania will be the kids. Strange how that works, since when I first got here, they were also the part that bought me the most grief.  Then again, kids seem to have a knack for doing that to you. But it seems that no matter how hard you try, they'll always win you over in the end. :)

Anyway, since I know this is the case, I've got a new goal - for each day, I'm going to do a little ditto on one of the kids, recording details and stories that I know I'll miss. Today's feature?

Ignas is a funny little boy, always running at approximately 78 mph.  When he first came to ILP, he was a little crazy, and I'll admit - he wasn't exactly my favorite chap.  However, he quickly won me over with his adorable smile, bleach blonde hair, and frequently hugs/kisses.  Couple funny stories about him:

1) In Bailey's class last week, she really wanted Z to give her a kiss.  Z was being a little stinker though, and refused! So, being all sly and knowing how to push Z buttons, Bailey got her stinker side on:
Bailey: "Z, come give me a kiss!"
Z: "NO"
Bailey: "Okay, fine. Hey Ignas! Come give me a kiss!"
Ignas: *skips on over and dishes out the love*
Z: *does that scrunchy angry face of his* "I want to kiss you too!"

2)  This little story actually happened today in class - Z was angry at me for not giving him what he wanted, and sulking in my class.  When it was time to go, he was dragging his feet and refusing to leave with Janese.
Janese: "Z, come on! It's time to go to class. Do you want to stay with teacher Hillary?"
Z: "NO".
Janese: "Okay, let's go then!"
Z: *starts to walk away, sulking*
Ignas: *pipes up from down the hall* "I want to stay with Teacher Hillary!"
*Cue adorable tackle as he runs back down the hall to grab onto my legs*
It was precious :)

3)  Ignas also has a jolly habit of losing all ability to stand while we're in opening. We'll be singing the songs with all the kids, when Ignas will suddenly collapse and fall upon whatever teacher is behind him. For example, in class the other day, Janese was standing behind Ignas, and got roped into the "lets-see-how-far-back-I-can-fall-before-you-have-a-panic-attack-and-catch-me" game.
Ignas, the boy with legs of Jello
Janese, standing close by to prevent Ignas from smashing his skull in. He loves this game :)

4)  A while back, there was some major drama in the yellow class - you see, Ignas had decided he didn't want to be Z's friend, which resulted in many an emotional meltdown.  Poor Z went through some identity crisis over it, and Ignas discovered the power of relationships.  It was messy.
Z pretty much looked like this for about 3 days straight. They worked it out eventually though.
Anyway, fast forward to now, and a rather hilarious event that happened between Areil and Ignas - yesterday while walking through the hall, Ignas sadly told Areil that he didn't have any friends.  Silly boy. Don't you know your adorable and loved? Well, I'll gladly shower you in hugs and love to remind you.  Never fear.

5) One of my favorite memories with Ignas was discovering his love for Marilyn Manson.  Before class one day, he came running full speed down the hallway, and bolted up to Janese and I, gesturing for us to come out to the hall. Once we did, he looked at us seriously, and reverently pulled out a Marilyn Manson CD, even allowing us to touch the cover. I was confused what it actually was at first, since I didn't recognize the name. When I asked what the CD was, Ignas looked at me seriously and said "Marilyn Manson!", appalled that I didn't know who they were.  He loves them :)

6)  In opening every day, we always try to convince the kids to sing louder, as opposed to mouthing the song words and not paying attention.  However, this is never a problem with Ignas, who sings like a rocker.  He rarely does anything below 80 decibels anyway.

7) He's a snuggler. I love it when the kids like to snuggle me.

8)  Today, he got to the school before all us teachers were in the opening room, ready to receive the kids. So, he came hunting for us, and ran into the craft room, where we were prepping for our lessons. He burst through the door, excited to see us, and sporting a jean jacket with the collar popped.  He's such an adorable European child.  I even gave him a Dum-dum sucker to tell him so.

9)  Ignas is obsessed with spiderman! He always picks the spiderman token bag, and sports all sorts of merchandise with the friendly neighborhood hero on it.  One day, he even showed up with a spiderman hoodie - completely with zip up hood, which converts to a Spiderman mask. 
Spiderman Ignas. Notice the Spiderman book on the table in front of him? That's also his. I'm telling you, he loves that guy.
 10)  Overall, I just love the kid.
Sporting the popped jean jacket and dum-dum sucker
Oh man, I love this boy.  Jello legs and all.
Other funny tidbits of the day:

We made houses out of playdough and toothpicks today, pushing the toothpicks into shapes, towers and buildings. 
Alysa and Artur made some... ice cream cones?

Dominik working on her house

Z, in all his intense construction glory
Mia, being the super precious 4 year-old she is :)

Moze, super proud of his house

After I turned from helping the other kids with their houses, I discovered Danila digging for treasure in his nostrils.  I told him to stop, and reached over to pull out his hand... only to discover it was covered in playdough. Turns out, the kid shoved about a tablesppon of green playdough up his nose. Delightful.

Goda and I
Z wanted a picture too :)

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