Monday, July 9, 2012

PacMan + Fish = the Perfect Lesson!

I won't even attempt to make something exciting up about my morning. It consisted of scholarship hunting, eating, and watching the Morning talks from April General Conference. For those who don't know, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), which is what I am, believes in modern day revelation, and the restoration of prophets on the earth.  Through Biblical times and through Christ's coming, there have always been prophets acting as communications between our Father in Heaven and his children on the earth.  Though technology, medicine and science have all changed, we know that God is the same yesterday, today and forever - this being understood, it makes sense that God's Prophets would continue from Biblical times through these modern days.  Today, we sustain President Thomas S. Monson as God's prophet on the earth, and are privileged to hear from him and the ordained apostles regularly.
President Thomas S. Monson, doing what he does best - Smiling :)
All 12 of the ordained Apostles
Specifically, we gather worldwide as a church every 6 months for a General Conference and hear talks from our sustained church leaders.  Our last session of General Conference as a church was in April, and I recently decided to go through and re-listen to the talks that were given. For anyone else that would be interested in hearing what our modern prophets have to say, click HERE. Anyway, I spent a majority of my morning listening to these talks, and being reminded of the simple truths in life.  Every time I am blessed to hear an apostle or prophet or the Lord speak, I can hear the direct authority behind their words, and am reminded of my testimony of their callings from God.  If you have time, I would highly encourage you to read their words or listen to their talks - I bear testimony of these men, and their duty as apostles and prophets of the Lord.

After we lunch, we headed up to school for teaching that day, and I started prepping for my lesson.  After pilfering the idea from Pinterest (which is an ILP teacher's best friend. Seriously.) we made chomper fish!
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They turned out pretty cute :)

After lessons were up, we headed home for the night and I had a chance to briefly talk with Carissa for a bit before starting FHE with the other teachers.  Family Home Evening (FHE) is a program that our modern day prophets encouraged LDS members to begin doing in their homes - more or less, every Monday night marks a family night where you have a lesson, activity, prayer, songs, etc.  Tonight lesson was on obedience by Elise, and I was in charge of an activity, and organized a fun little candy bar game with the girls. We spent the night rolling dice, exchanging candy bars, and having a great time :) 

After FHE was over, Bailey and Janese's door jammed (the door handle fell off a couple weeks ago), I discovered that Lime essential oil works wonders on mosquito bites (good news Mom!), and Elise and I finished watching Star Trek.  'Twas a good night indeed!

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  1. Who lime oil could take the bite out of a bite?!? Try it on the girls' door? It's magic, after all!