Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ema, and her day of birth!

As Ema so graciously has been reminding us everyday for the past month, her birthday is July 18th! For those who are calendar inept, that also so happens to be today.  I figured since everything is all about her today, I might as well do a blog post on her as well :)
Little Miss Ema. Or Emma-loo, as a I sometimes call her when she's not looking. If I call her that while she's around, I get in all sorts of trouble.

For starters, today was destined to be great, since my morning was so wonderful and productive.  I headed to breakfast with Areil, bot started on the next difficult level of Indexing (and consequently spent a good hour looking through instruction guides), and cruised through some Boyce Avenue.

Once we got to school, Ema was quick to remind me that "My Happy birthday, I do what I want to". It's especially adorable when the kids try to boss us around with their broken English :)  Anyway, we had a mini little birthday party for her!
Ema, moderately enjoying herself.
Janese, handing out the juice and strange Cheeto-like-things that Ema's mom brought for a treat.
Elise, entertaining the kids with "Monster" the puppet
Oh you know. Just Lukas, Patrick and Mose chilling in the corner, laughing their heads off, and therefore probably being a little dirty. Oh well.  Their speaking Russian anyway.
The kids playing musical chairs
Bailey, being a DJ while Janese and I sit nearby and giggle at the kids
 Couple fun things about Ema:

1) She's actually LDS as well, and her family is in our Lithuanian branch. Her Mom, Marina, is a Russian native and therefore awesome.  For those who know Russians, they will speak it to you straight, and don't deal with any flack. This being the case, combined with the fact that Marina is the RS president makes for some fun Sundays :) Marina has no problem turning around in RS lessons and telling the other ladies to shut their mouth. It's pretty funny :)

2) Ema is obsessed with ABBA! We've come to school many times, to find her and Marina there early, with Ema enteratining herself by blasting ABBA on her Mom's cellphone and dancing along.

3)  That girls has HIPS! Don't believe me? Look for yourself.

4)  Remember how I mentioned that Marina is natively Russian, and therefore won't take anyone's flack? Ema is the SAME way. I love it :) We'll be sitting in class, someone will start goofing off, and Ema will whip out a tongue lashing before I have a chance to even blink.  She's pretty bossy, now that I think about it...

5)  Ema has a big ol' binder that she brings to church, complete with every drawing utensil possible and stacks of paper. She's quite the artist.

6)  She has a wonderful habit of hiding from people. Sometimes, I'll walk into a room to find her hiding under the table.

7)  She likes to mother some of the other kids.  And by "mother", a great example would be her interactions with Mia today - Mia is a little 4 year old beauty, and has everyone wrapped around her finger. Ema would show her where to go, hold her hand, and just generally wish she was her mother.

8)  Ema went through a stage when she brought "baby doll Sarah" to school everyday. Now, Baby Doll Sarah was a creepy plastic doll, complete with mock urinary tract, which Ema demonstrated for me.  Basically, you stick a bottle in the babies mouth, and the water immediately drains through a small hole in the doll.  She loved that thing.

9) She treats the world like her jungle gym! In opening especially, she will climb all over you,  randomly grab your hands in her vice grip, suddenly obtain JELLO legs and fall on you - that sort of stuff.

Oh and also - she's super cute and loves to make silly faces. All the time :)
One last overwhelmingly cute picture of the day:
Goda had a headache, so she came and chilled with us while taking a break from class. She sidled right up to Janese and started reading with her. It was so cute :)

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